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May 8, 2022, 7:26:59 PMMay 8
The bird bath I have on the patio is only about the size of a dinner
plate. I fill it using a pitcher and some water always overflows onto
the cement.

A few minutes after I refilled it I looked out and saw a fledgling
Eastern Bluebird (sex indeterminate as of yet - speckled breast, wings
not yet blue) with it's mother. It was "splashing" in the water. Not
*in* the birdbath, but in the spilled water on the patio. She stayed
very close and watched as it flapped it's wings and wet it's breast.
She was teaching it how to take a bath! :)

A short while later it was perched on the side of the bird bath, which
is only about 1 inch deep. Momma-bird was watching. The baby bird was
looking around like a little kid who had just been shown a swimming pool
for the first time. Like, you don't expect me to jump into that, do
you?! It was funny. :)

Jill in Southern South Carolina

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