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Dec 18, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/18/97

You like that racing seat, but is the shell is just too hard. Maybe it doesn't
flex in the right places.
Then try drilling out the shell. I makes it flex a lot more. On the plus side
it also lightens the saddle. To keep the drill bit( I usually use a 9/16")
from going through the leather, slide a tube around the bit leaving only 1/4 of
the bit showing. This tube will hit the shell before the bit goes too deep
when dilling. Start putting holes in places where you need some flex. The
spacing between the holes should be about 2x the diameter of the bit, but this
depends on the rider's weight. Drill too closely and your shell could crack.
So be careful.
Guaranteed too make your saddle more comfortable.


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