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Tom Kunich

Nov 19, 2021, 10:59:32 AM11/19/21
Well, it looks like this is going to be a wet year which is certainly good for the farmers and the reservoirs which are only at 24% capacity. I've got to buy another $100 faucet for the kitchen since the mud in the water lines has the just one year old faucet clogged up pretty good and there is no way of cleaning them out. Hot water runs well everywhere else in the house including the two showers and the bathroom facets. And my wife wants this ridiculous small fortune faucet in the kitchen that doesn't have a removeable filter. The older one I had you simply unscrewed the filter and dumped the rocks out of it and you were back to new. Since my wife NEVER does the dishwashing and would simply load the dishwasher with dishes for however long it took to fill it before running it, I can't see why she would care what the faucet is. But then I also can't understand why she keeps buying the cat additional toys even though the family room is littered with them and the cat isn't interested in most of them.
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