Thursday Ride

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Tom Kunich

Sep 17, 2021, 3:36:05 PMSep 17
My wife reminded me that I might be tired because of a low red blood cell count (anemia) This is caused by my injured lungs for some reason that makes no sense to me. But I went back to taking Vitamin D and Iron and the ride yesterday was a very nice change. It was 45 miles or almost twice my normal ride distance and I arrived back home tired but not exhausted to the point where I couldn't lift my head.

I climbed over 2,200 feet and if I could have gotten a descent view of Niles Canyon I would have ridden down that if the traffic was light and the ride would have had at least another 400 feet of climbing. The route I took had some climbing on it through avalanche zones so it wasn't mild climbing in those spots. My average speed was the same as the easier and shorter ride I did last Thursday.

It is nice to be able to ride normally again.
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