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NEW! Icebike mailing list on WINTER CYCLING

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Joe Clark

Nov 20, 1995, 3:00:00 AM11/20/95
[Revised 951120]

There now exists an Internet mailing list on winter cycling (i.e., cycling
in cold, wet, snowy, and/or rainy weather). The unmoderated list Icebike
will accept all manner of discussion on winter cycling, including
clothing, tires, maintenance, beating the cold, embracing the cold,
cycling strategies, psychology, paranoia reduction, and more. The list
runs 12 months a year, so it doesn't matter in which months your winter
occurs compared to other people's.

It's an automated process. Send the words

subscribe icebike

in the BODY of a message to (Note: If you're on any
of my other lists, note that Icebike is run out of a different server. Get
the address right.)

You could subscribe to the digest version of the list instead by sending
"subscribe icebike-digest" (no quotes) to the same address.

To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe icebike" or "unsubscribe icebike-digest"
(as appropriate, no quotes) to Remember, the
majordomo program ignores the subject line; your commands must be in the
BODY of a message.

The "info icebike" command sent to will return a
nice info file similar to this one. "who icebike" shows you who is
subscribed to the list.

What follows below is the standard majordomo information file relevant to
any of the lists run via, including Icebike:

All administrative actions for the MTB-TRIALS list (such as routine
subscribe/unsubscribe requests) are handled automatically by way of a
special e-mail address on the list machine, namely: \,m<a^->-j<e>r-'d<o^->-(,)m<o^->\ n, pl -mos (1589)
[Sp mayordomo or obs. It maiordomo, fr. ML major domus, lit., chief
of the house]
1: a head steward of a large household (as a palace)
3: a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for

You ask Majordomo to perform various tasks on your behalf by sending
e-mail to the address above containing one or more appropriate
commands as listed below. Note that the commands must appear in the
BODY of your message since the Subject line is ignored, and that the
last command in any request should be the END command (this prevents
Majordomo from attempting to interpret any signature lines you might
have at the end of your message).

Possible Majordomo commands are:

SUBSCRIBE listname
Subscribe yourself to the `listname' list.

Unsubscribe yourself from the `listname' list.

SUBSCRIBE listname address
Subscribe an address other than your own to `listname'.
(Such requests are forwarded to the list owner for approval.)

UNSUBSCRIBE listname address
Unsubscribe an address other than your own to `listname'.
(Such requests are forwarded to the list owner for approval.)

Show the lists served by this Majordomo server.

Find out which lists you are on.

WHO listname
Find out who is on the `listname' list. You do not have to
subscribe to a list to find out who is already on it.

INFO listname
Retrieve the general introductory information for `listname'.

INDEX listname
Return an index of files you can "get" for `listname'.

GET listname filename
Get a file called `filename' related to `listname'.

Retrieve this message.

Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

NOTE: Commands can be typed in either upper or lower case.


To subscribe to the Icebike list and find out who else is on the
list, send a message to with the following three
lines in the body of the message:

WHO Icebike

Majordomo will process your request and send you confirmation (and
your requested information) if everything goes O.K.

Since the system is fully automated, you can subscribe and unsubscribe
as many times as you like, day or night, without worrying about
wasting the time of a human operator.

The Icebike list also has a digest form. Subscribers to
Icebike-digest receive one message a day which contains all
messages sent to the list address in the last 24 hours. To subscribe
to the digest form of the list, send a message to with the following two lines in the body of the

SUBSCRIBE Icebike-digest

If you would like to have a new list created for your club or
organization, send a message to:

VeloNet on the World Wide Web

If you have web access, be sure to check out the VeloNet home page at


Joe Clark

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