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Joy Beeson

Apr 8, 2021, 10:31:48 AMApr 8
Thursday, 8 April 2021

Yesterday I dashed out for chicken makhani, dug my yellow do-rag out
of winter storage, wondered where my summer cycling gloves were (I'm
pretty sure they are in the bag of things-to-darn I keep in case of
unexpected dash to a waiting room), wore only one jersey, and
regretted wearing my thickest pair of tights.

There was only one day of sheer linen scarf between fuzzy cotton-linen
scarf and linen do-rag. But I haven't put either scarf away yet.

This morning, when I put a recently-emptied egg carton into the bag
that I'll take to the Farmer's Market in May, a bag hanging on the
shoe hook caught my eye. What bright yellow thing did I put into a
plastic bag?

Turned out to be the mittens, lambswool scarf, and nylon overjersey I
carried in case the weather got colder. Never wore the mittens even
once, to my great relief -- they make it very hard to get my
handkerchief out of my pocket. I was packing for a shopping trip or
some-such, wanted the space, forgot removing the winter clothes from
the pannier and temporarily hanging them on the hook. The mittens and
scarf are now put away for the summer. I considered putting the
overjersey on a hanger and the hangar on a hook, but reflected that I
never start out in the rain, but when the weather is a bit warmer I'll
start out when there's a chance I'll get caught in the rain, so I'll
leave it folded up and bagged to carry in a pannier.

Come July I'll start *hoping* I get caught in the rain, and leave the
overjersey at home.

Daffodils, narcissus, and hyacinth are in full show. I should weed
the garden, but I'll stay inside and sew -- if there is any time left
after I stop playing with the computer.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at centurylink dot net

Stephen Harding

Apr 9, 2021, 6:14:51 PMApr 9
Spring has indeed sprung.

Got the first bug up my nose today!


Frank Krygowski

Apr 9, 2021, 7:07:09 PMApr 9
Hah! I swallowed one on a ride a week ago! I win! ;-)

- Frank Krygowski


May 1, 2021, 9:46:34 PMMay 1
On Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 9:31:48 AM UTC-5, Joy Beeson wrote:
> Thursday, 8 April 2021
> Yesterday I dashed out for chicken makhani,

I do not think I will ever enjoy chicken but since I was not sure what makhani is, I had to look it up. Turns out I actually made it last week. The recipe said it was vegan butter chicken.

Not a vegetarian. Just hate chicken

When i moved back here i had ordered some lx but i could not find cream cheese and bagels at aldis

They had them at a later time but apparently had a sale and sold out

So i bought some whole wheat and mayo
Got to say i have taken a liking to this more than cream cheese

I made a few recipes with cream cheese last month that were really good
I could not remember what if i tried but it was good each time

Maybe one was creamed spinach and one was mac n cheese maybe a tomato bisque

It adds creaminess but not a specific flavor

But do not come near me with a dessert made with cream cheese, the flavor in dessert is too prominent. will not eat


It's going to disappear. One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear. And from our shores, we — you know, it could get worse before it gets better. It could maybe go away. We'll see what happens. Nobody really knows.
Donald Trump, 2020, regarding coronavirus. African American History Month reception, White House, 2020-02-27, quoted in Yasmeen Abutaleb, Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey (29 February 2020), "Inside Trump’s frantic attempts to minimize the coronavirus crisis", Washington Post

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