Re: US military 's new helicopter SB-1 ..A COPY of RUSSIAN CONCEPT ?

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Feb 25, 2020, 7:34:37 PM2/25/20
"Jesus Christ is a lying JEW BASTARD" wrote in message
> The new SiKorsky-Boeing double rotors ..
> SB-1 Defiant ...
> is this SB-1
> a copy of Russian concept ?

Nope. The first vertical flight machine in the United States seems to have
been developed by Emile Berliner and John Newton Williams. Berliner designed
what may have been the first production rotary aircraft engine, the
36-horsepower (27-kilowatt) Adams-Farwell engine. In 1908, Williams
constructed a coaxial machine for Berliner using two of these engines. It
reportedly lifted both Williams and the machine—a weight of 610 pounds (277
kilograms)—but was probably steadied from the ground. Williams later built
another craft using a 40-horsepower (30-kilowatt) Curtiss engine. It hovered
at around three feet (0.9 meter), again steadied from the ground. Berliner
also was the first to propose the auxiliary vertically mounted tail rotor.

He beat Igor Sikorsky by one year...

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