Re: Snowbird crash in Kamloops

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May 19, 2020, 3:16:44 PM5/19/20
"Dave Smith" wrote in message news:K3iwG.63672$n_5....@fx09.iad...
> The CBC didn't mention anything about the pilot so all we can assume is
> the he or she was not gay or indigenous. Otherwise it would have been the
> headline. A better news source has report at the pilot was a male and that
> he was seriously injured. I saw a photo of a parachute on a roof and it
> looked like people were tending to him. He was pretty low when he reject
> on a downward angle, so he didn't have much time for the chute to open and
> hitting a roof/chimney would have worsened that problem.

It looks like they both punched out, but one chute didn't have a chance to


May 19, 2020, 3:16:57 PM5/19/20
"Eric@" wrote in message
> The Tutors were supposed to be replaced by the end of this year. But
> Canadian govt procurement being what it is...

To (possibly) be replaced with:

> I wonder how they replace these museum pieces when they crash - buy spares
> from Malaysia?

They keep old airframes around to cannibalize: "Although the CL-41 Tutor has
been retired from active training, 22 Tutors continue to fly with the
Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment
at CFB Cold Lake. A number of airframes are held in reserve for future
deployment as replacement Snowbird aircraft."

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