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Ian Steel

Jun 10, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/10/96

Firstly, appologies if this has been asked before, but here goes...

I'm looking into the alternatives of joining a group owning aircraft
syndicate and am looking for anyone that has experience of owning /
running a cheap aircraft.

I've made a few enquiries and think that something along the lines of
the Mainair Twinstar or Pegasus AX3 would fit the bill (3 axis
aircraft). Can anyone pass on any comments on these or any other
similair aircraft please?

I'm also a bit confused about what sort of licence I'd need to fly
this type of aircraft. I obtained my ppl(a) last year and would like
to get an aircraft that allows me to keep my licence current - rather
than X-training onto a ppl(m) and then, I assume, losing the
concurrency of my ppl(a) as a result of not flying Cessna's, etc.

Have I got all of this around my neck, or could I be flying around in
a cheap and cheerful aircraft in a few months time while keeping my
ppl(a) alive?

All help / pointers much appreciated.


Joan Walsh

Jun 11, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/11/96
To my understanding, microlight flying will not count to your ppl(a)
hours, but I believe that your ppl(a) permits you to fly a microlight -
all you will need is type conversion training.

I have heard of PPL(A)s who do most of their flying in 3-axis microlights
but hire a group A machine for just sufficient hours to keep their PPL
valid - that may be a way forward for you.

I've put the internet URLs for a couple of organisations which may be of
interest to you below. If you've not got a web browser and only e-mail,
let me know and I'll find out some addresses.

Popular Flying Association:
British microlight Aircraft Association:

Joan Walsh work tel. 01268-702807
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