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First night solo.... <not so long>

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Aug 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM8/4/00
Whelp.... after getting my PP ticket 2 weeks ago, Ive kinda slacked off
on my flying... (have to finish paying for the $900 in flight time last
month), but have managed to get in about 5 of XC to work towards IR
requirements... well, I had a reason to go somewhere and eat dinner
tonight, so I signed up for the plane and departed in daylight from SPX
(Houston Gulf) for BMT (Beaumont Muni) around 1830...My last 6 or so
hours have all been 172, but this time I settled into the 152 that I did
the most of my training in (I knew where everything was by feel on this

Day flight over was pretty good.... 15 miles vis with haze... Clear
below 12K with VERY few around 3500.... and made a pretty straight shot
(across Galveston Bay for that matter) to BMT. I met up with By brother
in law (who was also my first instructor for 16 hours and 3 months) and
his wife for a dinner in town. Upon returning to the field, WXBRIEF
reported Clear below 12k, vis greater than ten miles, and winds out of
the south at 7. I did the preflight and runup, then departed 13 and BMT
with a turnout firect SPX (225 degrees) Ten miles as 4500 feet later, I
had a grand view of not only Beaumont, Pt Arthur but also Houston and
the Galveston Coast. It was clear, no haze, and beautiful. I was
cleared into the class B direct SPX and made a regular landing to SPX's
rwy 13, which is like a string of lights in a black hole when approached
from the north... Flared a little late and touched on all 3, but
otherwise was a great night. Boosted my confidence immensely, (as did
the 4 flashlights I had with me).

Till next time

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