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Groupflights: Flight aggregation and alerts from Weglide, OLC and SkyLines:

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Bret Hess

May 29, 2021, 7:42:35 PM5/29/21
Would you like to know when members of your club (or any other group) post flights? Groupflights is a free Python program that aggregates, publishes and archives glider flight information and tracks from WeGlide, OnLineContest and SkyLines, by name, for any group of pilots you're interested in.

Here is a working example: It’s easy to see who flew when, yesterday, the past month or two, or years back in a seamless way (for 2200 flights in the past in my example). The posts can easily be searched by date, year, pilot, airport, glider, or any other keyword. Open a post and you’ll see a ranked table with flight info and links to tracks.

You can run this on your computer/server, or I can run it for your group for a nominal annual fee.

All the details and code are at

Partial details:

Groupflights posts a ranked table each night if any of your group flew the day before, with flight data and links to tracks. WeGlide, OnLineContest, and SkyLines have very similar scoring systems, called "Free", "OLC+" and "Score" respectively, and generally agree within 1-2 percent.

It searches for flights with pilots that have names defined in members.txt. The search is not sensitive to any club name that the member may have posted under. You can choose to search as far back as 2007. After flights from the past are published, Groupflights will check for new flights each night. If it finds new flights it sends a post with the flights table to a google group (or to an individual). The posts can easily be searched by date, year, pilot, airport, glider, or any other keyword.

Using a Google group is simple and members can join if they want to get a daily summary by email, or they can view the posts on the Google group site. You can include a link or embed the Google group page on your club website. Groupflights also creates an archive file "flights.csv" that could be used in other ways as a source for more complicated websites.

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