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Use of ADS-B information for glider tracking?

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Frank Paynter

Feb 4, 2011, 9:36:11 AM2/4/11
A friend sent me this link, which implies the ability to tap into the
ADS-B data stream for tracking ADS-B Transponder equipped gliders.
Anyone have any information about the ability to do this in the U.S.?


Darryl Ramm

Feb 4, 2011, 1:07:08 PM2/4/11

I don't think there is anything on that site that implies they are
talking about ADS-B ground infrastructure data (e.g. the ITT/FAA GBT
stuff in the USA) vs. just receiving ADS-B over the air. But who knows
what exactly they are doing in this case. Eventually in the USA there
will be access to the ITT/FAA data but there are lots of places in the
USA where the coverage for the GBT ground stations is not going to be
great for our needs and who knows what the access will cost.

The site appears mostly aspirational stuff at the moment, no detail on
what their ground infrastructure for tracking at NK 20011 contest will
uses but more encouraging people now to connect their GPS to their
Mode S 1090ES data-out. All good to see somebody driving early trials
of ADS-B based tracking.

Stick an ADS-B receiver antenna somewhere you have good reception and
you should be able to see gliders line of sight for a fairly long
distance. Complicated in the USA by the silly dual link layer
complexity. And if you want to see both on the ground from a fixed or
mobile receiver you will need both a UAT and 1090ES receiver. Given
PowerFLARM's 1090ES data-in receiver I hope the glider community just
standardizes on 1090ES data-out for those gliders who want to equip
with ADS-B data-out.

There are multiple existing services that receive over-the-air 1090ES
ADS-B data and consolidate the view from the separate ground
receivers, e.g. As more airliners and
fast jets etc. equip with 1090ES data-out setting up FlightRadar24
receivers around some of our busy glider locations where we have lots
of airline and fast jet traffic might be a good idea to promote
traffic awareness and transponder use.

The issue in the USA is the FAA and requirements needed to install ADS-
B data-out are more complex than this European site is talking about,
including the current requirement for a STC for installation (for
certified aircraft).

I are hoping to help both Williams Soaring and Soaring NV set up a
PowerFLARM as a ground receiver and play with simple local area
tracking - both for FLARM and maybe 1090ES data (no significant 1090ES
data-out in gliders yet but seeing other traffic will be interesting).


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