Af/Pak & Other News (9/12/2012)

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Sep 12, 2012, 1:54:48 PM9/12/12
Report Says Taliban Raised $400 Million Last Year:

Taliban launch rocket attack on Bagram, suicide attack in Herat:

Taliban claims about cop defections 'baseless,' Afghan official says:

Afghanistan seeks to preempt unrest in wake of deadly attack on U.S.
consulate in Libya:

South Korean UH-60 damaged by artillery fire in Afghanistan:

ISAF kills 2 Taliban commanders linked to 'foreign insurgents':

Dealing with redundant ammunition in Afghanistan:

Former CIA Chief: Obama’s War on Terror Same as Bush’s, But With More

India launches satellites in 100th space mission:

Blast in northern Syria targets troops:

Filipinos flee war in Syria with tales of horror:

Saudi steers citizens away from Syrian 'jihad':

All Glory Is Fleeting: Insights from the Second Lebanon War:

Israel Monitors Borders with Specialized ISR:

Defense officials: Barak mulled buying Greek isle for Israeli navy

Salafists Attack U.S. Embassy in Cairo:

US ambassador, consul among 4 killed in militia attack on Benghazi

Israeli filmmaker in hiding after anti-Islam movie sparks deadly
Libya, Egypt protests:

Marines Head to Libya After Mob Kills Ambassador:

Somali president, Kenyan FM escape bomb attack:

Belarus UAV might be using EU components that are embargoed:

ILA: German Tornado upgrade on track as laser JDAM tests near:

Refueling Boom Falls off Airbus A330 Tanker During Test Flight:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Rheinmetall Works On Combat Training Center In Russia:

ILA: Airbus pitches A400M for disaster-relief role:

Formal Commissioning of the Colombian Navy Submarines at the Naval

China sends patrol ships to islands held by Japan:

US vulnerable to long-range missile attack: report:

The Pentagon Doesn’t Trust Its Own Robots:

New Expeditionary UAV Takes Off from China Lake, Sans Runway:

JBLM soldiers guilty in theft, resale of $600K in weapons equipment:

New Computer Prepares Super Hornet For Upgrades:

US Army's JLENS will protect sailors, critical waterways:

Report Blasts Military’s Dreams of Destroying Missiles at Launch:

More problems raised at Pentagon F-35 fighter review:

U.S. Air Force Chooses Northrop Grumman to Demonstrate Next-Generation
Air Defense Radar System:

Romney Promises to Revive Stealth Jet, But It Won’t Happen:

Sep 12, 2012, 6:26:37 PM9/12/12

U.S. officials believe Libya attack was planned: Report:

"The deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate
in Libya may have been a planned operation
and not a spontaneous protest that turned
violent, U.S. officials told the New York
Times and CNN on Wednesday."

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