Af/Pak & Other News (2/7/2021)

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Feb 7, 2021, 6:05:45 PM2/7/21
Biden faces familiar dilemma in Afghanistan

UN Finds Rampant Torture of Afghan Detainees

Taliban vows to guarantee safety of trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline

Antony Blinken's warnings about Iran are worrying — but not in the way he means

Kurds Warn of Growing Islamic State Capabilities in Iraq

RAND’s new report: The Air War Against the Islamic State

Coalition in Yemen says 4 armed drones destroyed

Russia’s military police in Syria train to repel attacks

IS brutality returning to Syrian towns

Russia excavates Syrian cemetery, searching for missing IDF soldiers

Lebanese Air Force Commander Aims To Boost ISR Capabilities With France, US

Filling Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam in July threatens Sudan's security - minister

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is destabilising itself from within

Shared tactics fan flames for jihadists and white supremacists

Swiss Air Defense Goes 24/7

Attempted coup foiled in Haiti: justice minister

Overkill: Trump Sent Navy Destroyers to Venezuela to Stop the Drug Trade

How US plans for first Quad summit with leaders of Japan, Australia and India could be first steps towards ‘mini-Nato’ to counter Chinese influence

Philippine Navy confirms the purchase of eight Israeli-made Shaldag Mk V fast patrol boats

Internet access restored as Myanmar coup protests grow

After a decade of change in Myanmar, fear of the past drives anti-coup protests

E.T. ONLINE UFO sleuth who exposed hundreds of declassified CIA files says US gov knows more about ‘aliens’ than they let on

A Rotating Group of Intelligence Analysts Will Brief President Biden

Biden Hints at 'Extreme Competition' With China, Says There's No Need for Conflict

Nearly 90% of Military Hazing Complaints Come from the Marine Corps, Data Shows

AC-130J Ghostrider flyby commemorates 30th anniversary of the shot down of AC-130H Spirit 03, the largest single loss suffered by USAF in Operation Desert Storm

Hawkeye 360 deploys next-generation radio frequency sensing satellites

US Air Force buying six more E-11A aircraft to boost BACN capability

Pathfinder: The MQ-9 You Don’t Know

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