Af/Pak & Other News (10/19/2021)

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Oct 19, 2021, 2:36:41 PM10/19/21
State IG launches investigations into end of Afghanistan operations

The Afghanistan Probe Is Hampered by Finger-Pointing and a Lack of Accountability

Taliban promise cash, land, to families of suicide bombers

Afghans blame top US envoy for handing over Afghanistan to Taliban

The Afghanistan Papers

Afghanistan’s war is over, but the Taliban faces a new hurdle: Enforcing the law — and protecting Afghans from ISIS

US to skip Russia-organized talks on Afghanistan

Sen. Chuck Hagel recalls harrowing 2008 trip to Afghanistan with Biden, Kerry

Pakistan Says it Blocked Indian Submarine Attempt to Enter its Waters

Dassault wants to prove the Rafale M can fly from a ski-jump at INS Hansa

Iran: Nothing Works But Victory Assured

Turkey In Talks To Buy More F-16s As It Struggles To Revamp Fighter Fleet

Russia hasn't cleared Turkish attack on strategic Syrian town

Conflict pollution wrecking Syria coast: report

Hezbollah Leader Claims Group Has Over 100,000 Fighters, More Than Lebanon's Armed Forces

Israel said to approve $1.5 billion budget for potential strike on Iran

Rafael aims to push Spike NLOS missile range to 27nm

10 years since Kadhafi death, stability still eludes Libya

Ethiopia conducts air strikes on capital of Tigray region

Western countries training far-right extremists in Ukraine - report

NATO and Ukraine hold workshop on use of hybrid tactics in multilateral diplomacy

Russian Navy Tests Underwater Robots to Secure Naval Bases

Putin Ushers in New Cold War Era by Severing Russia’s NATO Link

Back to gravity: Russians talk about world’s 1st space movie

NATO Allies Fear Russia, Belarus Using Migrant Chaos to Destabilize Europe, Hide Agents

New European Attack Submarine Programs Pushing Limits of Diesel Technology

Citing Russian occupation, U.S. signs new defense pact with Georgia

French Navy, Army Drill to Launch Helicopter Attacks From the Sea

Haiti Kidnappers Demand $1m for Each U.S. Hostage, Including 8-Month Baby

China sends in 100 rocket launchers to fortify border with India

China’s Claim That Its Fractional Orbital Bombardment System Was A Spaceplane Test Doesn’t Add Up

China Introduces Next-Gen QBZ-191 Assault Rifle

Chinese, Russian navies jointly traverse Japan strait regarded as high seas after military drill

Chinese Movie About U.S. Military Defeat Set to Break Box Office Records

Fortifying for War: XI’s Economic Ambitions

China test fires ‘world’s largest, most hi-tech solid-fuel rocket engine’

Taiwan 1: Russia Siding With China Over Taiwan?

Taiwan 2: Patriotic Conflict for China's Xi

North Korea Tests First Submarine-Launched Missile in Two Years

S.Korea opens largest defence expo amid N.Korea missile tests

KAI reveals more details about FA-50 upgrade plans

KAI pitches unmanned Light Armed Helicopter

LIG Nex1 showcases elements of new VSHORAD and C-RAM system

A deal for nuclear-powered subs is only the latest secretive collaboration between US, UK, and Australian forces

Australian small boat with US comms package in testing for Marine Corps urgent need

DDS Security Clearance Tool Evolves into ‘SITH’ Insider Threat Program

FBI agents swarm D.C. home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Long Chain of Failures Left Sailors Unprepared to Fight USS Bonhomme Richard Fire, Investigation Finds

AH-1 Cobra Helicopter Gunships Turned Firefighters Have Flown Their Last Mission

These U.S. Veterans Won't Rest Until They've Kept a Wartime Promise

Northrop Grumman has developed a next-generation signals intelligence architecture

Critical U.S. Infrastructure Now Needs Surface To Air Missile Protection During A Crisis

Rapid Pulse Laser Weapons Could Be The Pentagon’s Future Edge

Special Ops Train To Defend Strategic Aleutian Islands Radar Outpost During All-Out War

We Might Be Able to Nuke an Asteroid to Save the World After All, Study Says

USAF seeks new missile protection for HH-60W helo as part of wider upgrades

DRAKE Goes To Sea

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