Af/Pak & Other News (2/21/2021)

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Feb 21, 2021, 7:07:57 PM2/21/21
McManus: How to end a very long war

What India’s Relationship with Iran Means for America

India, China complete troop pullout from lake area

India to upgrade military comms with advanced radios to boost net-centric warfare capability

Iran Is Growing in Strength at an Alarming Rate

IAEA found uranium traces at two sites Iran barred it from, sources say

Iran to stop 'snap' nuclear checks, IAEA confirms

U.N. watchdog moves to protect cameras monitoring Iran’s atomic program

IAEA strikes deal with Iran to cushion coming blow of slashed access

UAE: IDEX 2021: First COVID-Era Defense Show Kicks Off

As Biden seeks end to Yemen war, rebels press offensive for strategic province

Saudi Women Can Join Military in Latest Widening of Rights

Pressuring France to Bring Them Home, Women Who Joined ISIS Stage Hunger Strike

New drone video shows more damage to Syria’s ancient heritage

Six months after massive Beirut explosion, official investigation has been upended

Egypt's military strength ranks 13th globally in 2021

Libyan interior minister escapes shooting attack on motorcade in Tripoli

Blackwater founder Erik Prince accused of helping evade U.N. Libya sanctions

Nigerian Air Force King Air B350i Aircraft Crashes Due to Engine Failure, 7 Killed

Ukrainian new combat drone makes international debut at IDEX 2021

Russian Modernization of its Nuclear and Military Forces in 2021

Russia’s TikTok Generation Is Putin’s Achilles’ Heel

Belarus opposition leader admits it looks like 'we have lost'

MBDA Launches ‘Sky Warden’ Counter- UAV System at IDEX 2021

Britain's new space force 'could deploy RAF Typhoon fighter jets to the "edge of space" to destroy Russian and Chinese military satellites'

Six killed in Mexican air force plane accident in Veracruz

Taiwan scrambles air force again after Chinese exercises in South China Sea

North Korea: River Of Deniable Doom

Indonesian Air Force chief of staff hopes to have six F-15EX fighters bought by 2022

Top Biden Adviser Suggests Russia Could See U.S. Response To SolarWinds Hack Within 'Weeks'

U.S. will use a 'mix of tools seen and unseen' to respond to alleged Russia hack, national security adviser says

Two F-117 Nighthawks stealth aircraft spotted over Los Angeles

Speed Racer: The U.S. Military's New Drone Swarm Weapon?

Marines Arm JLTV With Tank-Killing Weapons for Fast, Lethal Attack

AFSOC Wants Congress to Approve Armed Overwatch Plane

USAF: Anti-jamming tests of military communications satellites a success

This Could Be Northrop Grumman’s Lethal Drone for DARPA’s LongShot Program

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