Af/Pak & Other News (6/30/2021)

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Jun 30, 2021, 3:12:31 PM6/30/21
Podcast: A ride-along with the Afghan Air Force

US days from completing formal Afghanistan withdrawal but up to 1,000 troops could remain

Germany, Italy Complete Troop Exit From Afghanistan

European troops make low-key return home from Afghanistan

As the U.S. Pulls Out of Afghanistan, Kabul’s Airport Is a Final Stand

House votes to speed up visa processing for Afghans who aided the U.S.

Afghans who worked for France get a chance at asylum – and spark an exodus

Afghan civilians take up arms as U.S.-led forces leave

Top US general foresees Afghan civil war as security worsens

What next for Afghanistan? Taliban on the offensive ahead of US withdrawal

The way forward in Afghanistan

Satellite images reveal Pakistan’s new midget submarine, site for joint project with China

Three more sightings of drones in Jammu; security agencies on alert

Iran: This One Really Works

Iran to Open Maritime Security Coordination Center in Chabahar

Saudi intel chief who saved U.S. lives was detained, allegedly mistreated by Saudi government

Israel seeks to extend new Gulf ties to all Middle East, says Lapid

WATCH: Rafael unveils Seabreaker, a new missile with 300 km range

Rafael Positions Sea Breaker as a Multi-Domain, Counter A2AD Cruise Missile

Israel Aerospace to Upgrade Sri Lankan Air Force's Kfir Aircraft

Libya: The Obstacle

Ethiopia hints at Tigray military move; cease-fire in doubt

Tigray Fighters Believe Cease-Fire Agreement is Fake, Continue Fighting in Ethiopia

Putin: Russia could sink United Kingdom warship without triggering 'world war'

U.S. Destroyer Shows Up Right Off Crimea On Vessel Tracking Sites But It Never Left Port

Russia's New Super Submarine, Belgorod (K-329}

Little Experience and No Aircraft Replenishment Hits Russian Air Force

NATO Practicing Submarine Tracking in the High North: “Requires Advanced Training”

When Does a ‘Cyber Attack’ Demand Retaliation? NATO Broadens Its View

Swiss go American after deciding to buy F-35A fighter jets and Patriot missiles

Germany to regain SIGINT capability with new Pegasus fleet

U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine's Gibraltar Visit Is First In Over Two Decades

Airbus Flies C295 In Armed ISR Configuration

In a First, Israeli F-35 Jets Operate from UK's Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier

Why China’s PLA Keeps Putting up Posters to Threaten War Against Taiwan

The North Korean Nuclear Arsenal

Maker of South Korea's KF-21 indigenous fighter hacked, reports say

S.Korea's Planned Interceptor Needs Better Tech than Israel's Iron Dome to Stop Pyongyang's Artillery

Will Philippines Buy F-16 Jets To Patrol South China Sea?

Why the Pentagon Can’t Identify Flying Objects

What to Watch Wednesday: A live 3-hour special on Pentagon’s UFO investigation

Pentagon UFO report: No aliens, but government transparency and desire for better data might bring science to the UFO world

Respected Astrobiologist Says DoD Must Release UFO Data If They Want A Scientific Study

U.S. Gov't Knows Way More ... Says UFO Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell

Former Pentagon official claims government is trying to silence him over UFO knowledge

Navy Says No Further Action Against Eddie Gallagher for Recent Remarks

DoE's Extreme-Security Nevada Test Site Touts The "Ultimate Playground" For Drone Tests

Draken Becomes The Next Red Air Private Contractor To Acquire F-16 Fighter Jets

New Radar Method Could Reveal Space Junk, Super Fast Missiles, Objects Behind Walls

HASC Chairman Says Congress Won't 'Kill' GBSD Program

Army Develops AI-Enabled Programmable Fiber For Military Uniforms

US Air Force receives 10,000th AIM-9X Sidewinder missile

Kratos expendable and attritable engine core completes testing

New Systems For Navigation In GPS Denied Combat Environments Tested In Air Force's Agile Pod

US Air Force flies Avenger-based Skyborg prototype during Orange Flag drill

Smith slams F-35 lifecycle costs: ‘We can do a hell of a lot better’

$879 million Navy heavy-lift helicopter contract goes to Sikorsky, faces criticism, delays and high cost

INDO-PACOM Used Ground-based Aegis Combat System Prototype to Target Missile Threats, Surface Targets

Navy’s powerful aerial jamming pod moves to next phase

House Bill Cuts Money for Navy Nuke Cruise Missile, Saves 3 LCS from Decommissioning

Panel: Budget Priorities Prompted Navy Cut to Forces to Prevent Hollow Fleet

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