Af/Pak & Other News (5/27/2013)

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May 27, 2013, 7:26:09 PM5/27/13
Afghan TV Throws Spotlight on Abuse of Police Officers:

This year’s fighting season is testing ground for Afghan security
forces without NATO help:

US awards VADER system operation services contract to Northrop

Pakistan Faces Struggle to Keep Its Lights On:

Iran fingered for attacks on US power firms:

Bombs Tear Through Iraqi Capital, Killing Over 60:

Sunni Supremacists Call For Victory Or More Terrorism:

Hezbollah should change name to ‘Party of Satan,’ Turkish Deputy PM

Syrian refugees targeted in Turkish town:

Exclusive: John McCain Slips Across Border Into Syria, Meets With

Syria: EU Lifts Arms Embargo On Rebel Groups:

Syrian troops gain ground in Qusair offensive, TV reporter covering
fighting killed by gunfire:

Russia Always Delivers:

Syria fighting rages, more chemical attacks reported:

Tammuz: Israel's Weapon of Choice Against Syrian Fire:

New Radar for Experimental Missile Unit:

New Tracking Systems for Infantry:

Heron Down:

Libya: Seminar looks at Armed Forces reconstruction:

Burkina Faso soldiers in Mali's Timbuktu worry about defence, say
equipment insufficient:

French, Niger troops kill Islamists holding out at Niger base:

The Mali Gold mine:

Rooivalks, Gripens and additional troops were sent to the CAR:

German Minister in Hot Water Over Eurohawk:

Spy on your neighbours, says former MI5 head Stella Rimington:

German railways to test anti-graffiti drones:

Lightweight Multi-Role Missile:

Spain’s New S-80 Sub Too Heavy to Surface:

Brazilian KC-137 crashes on take-off in Haiti, none injured:

Photo: J-10 with targeting pod:

China Cannot Handle The Truth:

Philippines: DND to procure 2 naval vessels:

South Korea OKs Plan to Buy 20 Patrol Aircraft:

Facial recognition technology proves its mettle:

US entertainment industry to Congress: make it legal for us to deploy
rootkits, spyware, ransomware and trojans to attack pirates!:

5 Celebrities You Won't Believe Were Badass Soldiers:

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