Af/Pak & Other News (12/1/2012)

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Dec 1, 2012, 7:43:47 PM12/1/12
For the First Time, Obama Official Sketches Out End to War on Terror:

Yemeni al Qaeda operative killed in South Waziristan drone attack:

Army Commanders Warn On Afghan Withdrawal: Forces At 'Bare Minimum':

No Spy Software Scandal Here, Army Claims:

Iran unveils unusually coloured blue submarine:\12\02\story_2-12-2012_pg9_5

Protests flare in Bahrain for Kim Kardashian visit:

Yemen says it has arrested an Al-Qaida leader:

Flow of Arms to Syria Through Iraq Persists, to U.S. Dismay:

Syria: Internet, phone service back in Damascus:

Austrian soldiers wounded in Syria taken to Israel:

Damascus Is Tense Before Strongest Push Yet by Rebels:

Terrorists Have Become More Sophisticated:

44 Skyhawks For Sale:

Underwater Protection:

Egypt protests intensify after passage of draft constitution:,0,6795093.story

Aerotechnica upgrades 'Guideline' for an unidentified customer:

Europe enters stealth club with Neuron first flight:

The Dark Side of the Internet:

Stealth isn’t becoming obsolete anytime soon:

Solar energy eyed for battlefield power:

How many Raptors does the USAF have left?:

Fire Scout Problems Delay Full Fielding:

Redeeming Freedom: U.S. Navy Seeks to Renew Faith in LCS Fleet:

US Navy completes first shore-based catapult launch of X-47B:

Navy Preps Killer Drone for First Carrier Launch:

Two men of Pakistani descent charged in US with terror support,

USS Enterprise carrier taken out of active service:

Enterprise, We'll Miss You: Awesome Graphic Recounts Carrier's

Andrew Swallow

Dec 1, 2012, 8:10:44 PM12/1/12
On 02/12/2012 00:43, wrote:
> Two men of Pakistani descent charged in US with terror support,
> conspiracy:

[quote] The goal was to ”use a weapon of mass destruction (explosives)
against persons and property within the United States,” prosecutors said
in a news release. [/quote]

1. Good show by the FBI.

2. I hope that the prosecutors know that an ordinary bomb is not a
weapon of mass destruction, even if reporters call it one. Weapons of
mass destruction are nuclear weapons, poison gas and biological weapons
that will kill at least 600 people.

Andrew Swallow
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