Af/Pak & Other News (12/9/2020)

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Dec 9, 2020, 2:29:35 PM12/9/20
Afghan Security Forces Hit By Surge Of Taliban Suicide Car Bombings

How US wasted billions on absurd errors in Afghanistan war

I Commanded NATO Forces in Afghanistan. Here’s How We Could End this “Forever War”

Submarine Day: Indian Navy releases video of Subamariners' stellar efforts

DRDO successfully demonstrates quantum communication between two labs

Iran official claims several arrested over nuclear scientist’s killing

Iran Is Already Stalking Israelis Visiting the UAE. Mossad Is Bracing for the Worst

Iran vows to build two new nuclear facilities, alarming observers

Iran Is Moving Key Facility at Nuclear Site Underground, Satellite Images Show

Two small Iraqi oil wells set ablaze in 'terrorist attack', ministry says

China bails out Iraq with long-term, upfront cash deal for oil

Israel launches second bid to put a lander on the moon; UAE may join

Israel's Former Space Security Chief Says Aliens Have Prevented Nuclear War

Rafael hopes quantum technology can help in GPS-denied environments

Israeli Offering Could Meet U.S. Navy's Requirements For A New Submarine Launched Drone

NATO Trains With Israel in Eastern Mediterranean

IS Steps up Sinai Fight With Bombs in Civilian Homes

Libya: Turkey condemns seizure of vessel by Hifter forces

Anti-tank missile in Libya looks like Iran-produced weapon - U.N.

Algerian Army adopts Gladius Future Soldier System, joins Africa’s elite club

Ethiopia’s forces shoot at, detain UN staffers in Tigray

Tigray Fighting is Spiraling Out-of-Control, UN Rights Chief Warns

Russia to establish navy base in Sudan for at least 25 years

UN General Assembly Passes Nonbinding Resolution Urging Russia To Withdraw From Crimea

Ukraine Receives Modernized MiG-29 Jet

Russia’s Best Strategy For Controlling The Black Sea: Divide And Conquer

Russian Uran-9 combat UGV to complete trials in 2020

Russia exercised nuclear triad in the Barents region

Russian police hunt thieves who plundered top secret 'Doomsday Plane'

Russia's Rostec is developing new fifth-gen light fighter jet

Russia hack on FireEye gave them everything they needed

What’s Next For Armenia’s Military After Devastating Nagorno-Karabakh Defeat?

First time use of Uran-6 robot by Russian sappers for mine clearance in Nagorno-Karabakh

Russian citizen charged with espionage in Denmark

Helicopter carrying air rescue crew crashes in French Alps, five killed

Hellenic Navy’s New Frigates Program: The frantic search for a new “AVEROF”

Here’s France’s Plan For Its New Nuclear Powered Supercarrier

British F-35 buy is still a moving target, defense ministry tells lawmakers

Chinese air force underground command and control centre at Hotan airbase caught in satellite imagery

The China-India Standoff in Ladakh: A Relook

China’s first Type 075 ship to be based in Hainan amid South China Sea tension

Chinese L-15 advanced trainer jet to get Artificial Intelligence technology

Chinese Research Team Claims to have Demonstrated “Quantum Supremacy”

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

China’s Huawei Tests Facial-Recognition Software to Identify Uighurs to Authorities

China jailing Uighur Muslims for being born after 1980s: leaked docs

If China Invades Taiwan, Taipei Plans To Throw A Thousand Tanks At The Beachhead

What Taiwan’s Military Can Learn From the Armenia-Azerbaijan War

Japan suspicious about Chinese, South Korean land buys near bases

Japan Weighs Ships for Aegis Missile Defense System

Philippines: Plague Panic Pause Persists

Philippine arm forces chief hints at buying F-16s

Russia, China in race to offer North Korea fighter jets, report says

Leaked Government Photo Shows ‘Motionless, Cube-Shaped’ UFO

Chuck Yeager's Amazing Life Told Through The Airplanes He Flew

Covid19 G0es To War

Pentagon officials say the COVID-19 vaccine is going to be 'voluntary' for US troops, but that could change

F-16 Belonging To The Wisconsin Air National Guard Crashes In Michigan

The Fort Hood report is a damning indictment of the Army’s ‘structurally flawed’ SHARP program

Key Democrats Lukewarm On SecDef Nominee; Biden Signals Return To Soft Power

What’s next for the Bonhomme Richard warship?

Chasing Soviet Missiles In The Cobra Ball From A Desolate Rock In The Aleutian Islands

Rolls-Royce Delivers Coldfire System to Lockheed Martin for Directed Energy Field Tests

Report to Congress on U.S. Special Operations Forces

US Army greenlights soft-kill APS hunt, eyes 2022 contract award

U.S. Army to improve VTOL drones during flight transition phase

CMC Berger Outlines How Marines Could Fight Submarines in the Future

Secret Bomber Programs Set For Possible Rollouts In 2021

The Air Force Really Wants to Kill the A-10 Warthog

BAE Systems to provide sensor fusion-based missile seekers for Lockheed Martin LRASM in $60 million contract

F-35: The U.S. Air Force Has a Plan to Make It Easier to Fly

US Coast Guard isn't ruling out hunting submarines again in the future

US Navy looks to develop integrated carrier strike group air assets

Two Navy Carriers Are About To Head Out On Grueling "Double Pump" Deployments

Costly Navy Frigate Cited by Lawmakers for ‘Significant’ Risks

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