Af/Pak & Other News (2/4/2012)

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Feb 4, 2012, 9:50:40 PM2/4/12
US Army: Brigadier general has died in Afghanistan:

UN: Afghan civilian deaths in war hit record high:

Afghan who killed Frenchmen paid to infiltrate:\02\05\story_5-2-2012_pg7_28

Taliban Deny Their Leader Sent Letter to Obama:

Pakistan PM to visit Qatar to talk Afghan peace:

Army Eying the K-MAX for Tactical Airlift?:

Iran’s War Preparations:

'Certain countries' could take Iran nuclear matter into their own
hands, U.K. official says:

Iran denies planning attacks on US:

Iran Says It’s Mass Producing Anti-Ship Cruise Missile:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Iran mulls ban of Samsung over Israeli commercial depicting attack on
nuclear plant:

Navy Admiral Downplays Role of Special Operations Forces in Floating

Turkish jets hit Kurdish rebel bases in north Iraq: army:

Russia and China block UN resolution as Syria shaken by 'massacre':

Protesters storm 5 of Syria’s embassies in Europe, Middle East:

Yemen negotiating Qaeda pullout from Zinjibar:

Explosion hits Egypt gas pipeline to Israel:

J’lem and Berlin sign contract for sixth submarine:

The Next Generation: Jet UAVs:

Surveillance drone crashes in Somali capital:

Prince William begins RAF stint in disputed Falklands:

Army Hunts for New Targets: Manatees, Sea Turtles:

France Leads The Way:

Former W.H. Official: In the Event of a Cyberwar, Don’t Call DHS:

Humpback whales inspire helicopters to become more manoeuvrable:

El-Far Develops a Hovercraft for Fence Security:

I Think I CAMM: Britain’s Versatile Air Defense Missile:

AGS At Last:

Bradley Manning to Face All Charges in Court-Martial:

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