Af/Pak & Other News (6/17/2021)

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Jun 17, 2021, 1:58:23 PM6/17/21
Afghanistan: District after district falls to the Taliban

More than 20 commandos killed by Taliban during an ambush in Afghanistan

Austin: Al-Qaida could regroup in Afghanistan in 2 years

Asian powers plot to fill US vacuum in Afghanistan

China’s Afghanistan Challenge and the Central Asian Dilemma

Pakistan’s New Type 054 A/P Frigate Started Sea Trials in China

Four wild Iran nuclear standoff developments

Iran Moves Toward a One-Party State

Iranian ships once believed to be headed toward Venezuela change course, U.S. officials say

Saudi air defences intercept drone launched by Yemen's Houthis - Al Arabiya TV

IDF destroys Syrian outpost used by Hezbollah

No Israeli Response To Second Day Of Incendiary Balloon Launches From Gaza

Israel: Feel The Burn

Al-Qassam Brigades announces military training camp for children and teenagers

Libya: ‘Haftar is one of the time bombs on Libya’s road ahead’ says analyst

US B-52H strategic bomber conducts mission across Africa

Lockheed Martin offers Ukraine F-16 fighter jet

Ukraine arrests ransomware gang in global cyber criminal crackdown

Ukraine to receive first French-made fast patrol boat by end of year

Ukraine unveils advanced version of Soviet-era tank destroyer

Kremlin says NATO membership for Ukraine would be 'red line'

Russia to Develop Export Version of Su-57 Fighter

Two Russian Tu-160s And Four Flankers Intercepted By Italian F-35s, Danish F-16s and Swedish Gripens Over The Baltic

NATO leaders extend Article 5 mutual defence clause to space domain

USAF KC-135 Stratotanker Aircraft Suffered Runway Excursion In Finland

What will the Royal Navy’s new Vixen jets look like?

Brazilian Navy orders MBDA’s Sea Ceptor air defence missile

New Images Of Chinese Navy's Latest Type-039C Yuan Class Submarine

Chinese astronauts board space station module in historic mission

EXPLAINER: The significance of China’s new space station

Global Concerns And Questions Grow As China Admits Fuel Rods At Nuclear Plant Are Damaged

There's still no evidence of a Chinese lab leak. But here’s what's changed, scientists say.

A Bloodless Air Battle Raged Around Taiwan This Week As U.S. And Chinese Forces Trained For War

Low probability of China trying to seize Taiwan in near term -top U.S. general

A tiny Taiwan island could be trigger for US-China clash

Myanmar: Keeping A Coup Alive With UAVs

South Korea Simultaneously Participates in Exercises With and Against Japan

South Korean KF-21 fighter jet assembly line unveiled to the public

South Korea to deploy rail-mounted robot, AI-based surveillance systems to enhance border security

Navy and FBI giving U.S. House committee classified UFO briefing today

That Pentagon UFO report is coming soon. Everything you need to know

J.J. Abrams Producing a UFO Docuseries for Showtime

Experts weigh in as Pentagon is set to release UFO report

Questions Remain After Report That F-22s Scrambled Due To Major Russian Naval Exercise Near Hawaii

30-year CIA veteran to run espionage operations

Raytheon to Provide Advanced Cameras and Processing Systems under DARPA’s FENCE Program

Video: Autonomous missile launcher destroys enemy threats

This New ‘Metamaterial’ Lens Technology Will Change Aerospace

USAF demos converting commercial-grade jet fuel into military fuel for ‘Agile’ operations

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: June 16

The Space Force wants to use directed-energy systems for space superiority

SpaceX plans to launch new GPS satellite for Space Force

Could Soldier Uniforms Detect Injuries, UAVs or Incoming Fire And Share That Data? The Army Is Looking Into It

Army asks Raytheon to build Excalibur Ib GPS-guided artillery smart munitions in deals worth $38.6 million

USMC to receive two Clippers

Air Force Plans To Buy A New Tanker As Problems Persist With The One It's Already Buying

Brown: NGAD Will be a Multirole Fighter

DARPA Gremlin Swarm Will Carry Weapons Or Sub-Drones And Re-Arm Mid-Air

US Air Force Develops Bird-Like Flapping-Wing Micro Drones

More cost overruns are coming down the line for Boeing as the KC-46 program logs another two technical deficiencies

Wing rock issue and other technical problems delay T-7A Red Hawk full-rate production decision from 2022 to 2023

Navy Weighing How to Include More Capabilities on MQ-25A Beyond Tanking

The U.S. Navy’s Railgun Is Dead (But a Mach 3 ‘Bullet’ Is Coming)

Raytheon Integrates New SPY-6 Radar On US Navy’s First Flight III Destroyer

Navy Awards 5 Companies Light Amphibious Warship ‘Concept Design’ Contracts

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