Af/Pak & Other News (5/14/2013)

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May 14, 2013, 2:06:09 PM5/14/13
Afghan Finance Minister Accuses 'Corrupt' Lawmakers:

British forces to remain in Afghanistan till 2015:

Longer Afghanistan tours for British soldiers:

Following The Money For The Wrong Reasons:

Terrorists gunned down in Peshawar; Taliban ‘commander’ arrested in

IMU suicide bomber targeted top police commander in Quetta:

Civilians Fighting The Taliban And Winning:

Afghans Claim to Have Video of U.S. Special Forces Guy Torturing

India To Add Navy Bases, Expand Coastline Security Sensors:

Dhruv crashed in Siachen glacier:

Navy Forward Deploys Additional Patrol Boats to Bahrain:

Massive Rocket Launcher for the UAE:

Turkey peace advances: Kurdish rebels arrive in Iraq:

Syrian rebels unite to retake strategic town near Damascus:

Report: Syria already has Russian S-300 missile system:

Gaddafi cousin goes on trial in Egypt for attempted murder:

US Moves Troops Closer as Security Worsens in Libya:

Togo, Senegal and Libya order French patrol boats:

Algerian Air Force Performs Trials With A330 MRTT:

Malian army heads for rebel-held northern town of Kidal:

Parliament must get answers on alleged al Qaeda camps in SA - DA:

Germany Accuses Man of Being Somali Pirates’ Accountant:

Gmail Gives Away CIA ‘Spy’ in Russia:

Typhoon Expanding into Multi-Role Weapon Stations:

Germany cancels $1.3 billion purchase of unmanned Euro Hawk
surveillance drones:

EADS says Pentagon ending helicopter program:

Clear photo of Li Jian UCAV:

Photo: Li Jian’s air intake:

Mayor says Japan's wartime sex slaves were necessary:

Japan PM warns of possible military response to subs:

Spies caught in website scandal embarrass SKorea:

Turtle power emerges from shell in South Korea:

'Acoustic Kitty': How the CIA tried to turn a cat into a cyborg spy:

Biometrics: A new intelligence discipline:

Lockheed Martin and the MDA Conduct Successful Test of New Air-
Launched Missile Target Prototype:

US soldier found guilty over 2009 killings in Iraq:

Video: Air Force Sees Hypersonic Weapons in 2025:

JASSM-ER Scores 95% in USAF Trials:

Special Operations Forces Look for Right Mix of Hard and Soft Power:

Navy Launches Drone From Carrier:

Beaten By A Fairey Queen:

Thornberry Bill ‘Lets Congress Push Back’ On Drone Strikes, Special


May 14, 2013, 5:19:26 PM5/14/13
Il 14/05/2013 20:06, ha scritto:
> India To Add Navy Bases, Expand Coastline Security Sensors:

I wonder on the utility and effectiveness of those coastline security
sensors... esp. if the intruders are motivated, competent and well
trained ('nuff said)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.
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