Af/Pak & Other News (3/14/2021)

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Mar 14, 2021, 8:12:13 PM3/14/21
Taliban expresses scepticism over interim Afghan gov’t proposal

AP Interview: Minister says Afghan forces can hold their own

U.S. Has 1,000 More Troops in Afghanistan Than It Disclosed

Iran continues to supply Houthis with weapons: Yemen minister

Officials: Yemeni government retakes territory from rebels

I suppose it's time again to emphasise that the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population Syria by the govt is the most well-recorded CW campaign since WW1.

This former ISIS fighter from New York explains why he quit after only 3 days

Israeli PM avoided Saudi airspace because of Houthi missiles

Israel reveals new Iron Sting laser- and GPS-guided mortar munition

Israel says tanker suspected of oil spill off coast has Syrian owners

Russia's Eastern Med Presence Complicates Israeli Naval Operations

Eastern Libyan forces say senior local IS militant captured

Armed men attack another Nigerian school, as 39 students still missing

String of deaths continues at Russia’s main tank manufacturer

How Putin keeps his grip over Russia, even with support waning

European Main Battle Tank Could Be Armed with a Massive 'Gun'

Artificial intelligence leads NATO’s new strategy for emerging and disruptive tech

Poland: U.S. C-5M Galaxy Lands At Poznan International Airport For The First Time

Italian Navy Takes Delivery of LSS Vulcano from Fincantieri

Rheinmetall contributing to Halcon air defence missile

France and Germany Are Scrambling To Save The Future Combat Air System

British armoured capability ‘obsolescent and outgunned’

UK set to increase nuclear warhead stockpile

Sci-Fi Rifles: Is This Chinese Future Weapon Visionary or Absurd?

China planning to step up use of civilian know-how under drive to make military a modern fighting force

China eventually wants astronauts to stay on moon for long periods of time

Could China's Belt and Road Lead to Its Undoing?

China, Japan risk miscalculation over Diaoyu islands, analysts say

At least 39 reported killed in Myanmar as Chinese factories burn

What happened to airship renaissance?

94-Year-Old Titusville Man Shares His Cold War Missile Program Stories

America Buys Another Russian Wonder Weapon

As China Declares War with US Inevitable, Army General Highlights Need for Fighting Vehicles

How B-52 Bombers Can Be Brought Back from the Dead

This Could Be the B-21 Raider's First Outdoor Hangar

Navy Chooses Evolution Over Revolution for Shipbuilding

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