Af/Pak & Other News (9/22/2021)

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Sep 22, 2021, 2:30:11 PM9/22/21
Taliban names Afghan U.N. envoy, asks to speak to world leaders

UN: Afghanistan’s Taliban want to address General Assembly

Podcast: The Risks of Conducting Over the Horizon Strikes

Afghan Resistance Leaders, Long Backed By CIA, Have Fled Following Taliban Takeover

A massive 2,000 year old treasure trove is missing in Afghanistan and the Taliban is hunting it down

Taliban Breaking Instruments, Ordering Customers From Karaoke Parlors in Latest Crackdown

Taliban, Islamic State arm themselves with weapons US left behind

See what CNN reporter saw inside US air base now under Taliban control

Attackers strike Taliban in eastern Afghanistan, 5 killed

PAF T-37 Trainer Jet Crashes Near Mardan

Taliban takeover forcing heroin surge into India?

U.S. Cybersecurity Company Says Chinese Hackers Likely Infiltrated Some Indian Orgs

The Kalam Series: Exploring India’s SLBMs and Derivatives

Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps to set up robotic divisions

U.S. and Israel held secret talks on Iran "plan B"

Do lost cameras mean disappearing uranium in Iran? - analysis

Greece Sends Patriot Air Defense Missile System to Saudi Arabia

Houthis Rally in North Yemen as Their Fighters Push South

Report: Turkish frigate confronts Greek vessel

Turkey Sends More Troops to Syria Ahead of Key Putin Meeting

Syria: Almost Everyone Wants Peace

Ravaged by war, Syrian rebel area struggles with virus surge

Sudan says thwarted coup linked to ousted Bashir regime

Shots fired at car carrying Ukrainian President Zelenskiy’s closest confidant

Russian Ministry of Defense to buy additional Nerekhta combat robots

Military Plane With Six on Board Disappears in Russia

'New normal': Kremlin says tough approach to Navalny allies here to stay

Russia, PRC Intercept US Aircraft ‘Multiple Times A Day’ In Pacific: PacAF

Two Russian Tu-160 Bombers Escorted By Flankers Intercepted By Italian Typhoons, Danish F-16s Over The Baltic Sea

WB Group unveils W2MPIR swarming UAV system

Lithuania's defense ministry told people to throw away Chinese-made phones, claiming they can automatically censor people's texts

Germany: Interactive Defense and Attack System for Submarines (IDAS)

France is furious after Australia scrapped a submarine deal to partner with the US and UK. Here's how American, British, and French subs stack up

Why France Is Getting No Sympathy for Its Lost Sub Deal

Decisions on new British-French cruise missile are left hanging after submarine row

U.K. Tells France to 'Get a Grip' Amid Fallout With U.S. Over Submarine Deal

Argentina MoD Denies Selecting Chinese-Pakistani J-F 17 Fighter Jet

Yes, China Could Park Nukes In Orbit. America Would Have Itself To Blame.

China Can't Rely on Stealthy J-20 Fighter to Dominate, Experts Say

Taiwan to unveil new mobile short-range air defense system on Oct. 10

‘Pushing the nuclear envelope’: North Korea’s missile diplomacy

AUKUS Is the Death Knell of Australia's Strategic Ambiguity

Submarine dispute: France has 'every right to be angry,' says ex-Australian PM

Australian nuclear sub decision driven by technology and Chinese assertiveness

Panel: Australian Nuclear Sub Deal ‘Went Terribly Wrong’ with America’s NATO Allies

Any Aussie ALP Government Could Cancel AUKUS Sub Idea

Boeing To Open Loyal Wingman Assembly Plant In Australia

Canada’s ‘Point Man’ for Military UFO Reports Is This Civilian in Winnipeg

US Congress ponders setting up permanent UFO investigation office

CIA director “fuming” after Havana syndrome strikes team member in India

House sends bill aiding ‘Havana Syndrome’ victims to Biden’s desk

The US military is stuck with the widely-hated Defense Travel System until 2025

Listen To An F-16's Intercept Of An Army Cessna That Violated Airspace Near The United Nations

Feds buy Chinese drones deemed possible national security threat

$1B Iron Dome fund stripped from new continuing resolution

AI Algorithms Deployed in Kill Chain Target Recognition

French submarine Amethyste visits US' Norfolk Naval Base

Pentagon Issues ‘Subterranean Robot Challenge’

Mysterious Stealthy Shape That Resembles Future Fighter Concepts Spotted At Radar Test Range

ANALYSIS: Space Leaders Really Want to Spill Their Secrets

Army, Navy Units To Transfer To Space Force Soon

U.S. Space Force presents new dress uniforms, drawing sci-fi comparisons

Kendall: USAF Needs To Reassess Role Of Hypersonics

Pentagon’s top nuclear policy official ousted in reorganization

‘Integrated Deterrence’ to Drive National Defense Strategy

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: September 21

US Army's ‘light tank' competition enters limited user-testing phase

Marine Corps Harvest HAWK+ Reaches Full Operational Capability

When Bigger Is Better

The Air Force Is Testing Robotic Loaders To Mount Hypersonic Missiles On Its Bombers

Red 6 to install augmented reality headset in multiple T-38 jets

U.S.A.F. Orders Collins NP2000 Propeller System for New C-130H Aircraft

Kratos' New Airwolf Combat Drone Has Launched A Switchblade Loitering Munition In Flight

US Air Force to declare winner of B-52 engine replacement competition as soon as this month

USAF Looking At Possible E-7 Buy

Air Force’s NGAD Program ‘Progressing Per Plan’

Our Best Look Yet At 'Rapid Dragon' Cargo Plane-Launched Stealth Cruise Missiles In Action

GAO Report on Coast Guard Defense Missions

Building Burke Destroyers To 2030 (And Beyond) Is The Only Practical Way To Bolster Surface Fleet Firepower

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