Af/Pak & Other News (10/12/2021)

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Oct 12, 2021, 2:19:48 PM10/12/21
Information Warfare: Machinima Reports On Afghanistan

Why Afghanistan Fell; An Insider’s Account of What Went Wrong

Taliban Rule Out Cooperation With U.S. to Contain Islamic State

EXPLAINER: Can the Taliban suppress the potent IS threat?

Taliban Takes Revenge On Former Afghan Security Forces

Taliban: U.S. agreed in first diplomatic talks to provide Afghans with aid

Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan Is Inspiring Americans Online, FBI Says

Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) consolidates power in tribal areas

‘Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb’ A. Q. Khan dies aged 85

India: Another Epic Failure

Microsoft says Iran-linked hackers have targeted US and Israeli defense firms

With region on edge, Iran kicks off annual air defense drill

Muqtada al-Sadr set to win Iraq vote, former PM al-Maliki second

Iraq seeking to buy new air defense system

Iraqi intelligence agents capture ISIS finance chief Sami Jasim

Turkish intelligence helped Iraq capture Islamic State leader, sources say

At Least 134 Yemen Rebels Dead In Air Strikes South Of Marib: Saudi-Led Coalition

Erdogan: YPG attacks on Turkish targets the ‘final straw’

‘There Will Be No Withdrawal’: Syrian Allies Say US Has Promised to Keep Some Troops There

Why is Israel Buying 3 More Dolphin Submarines?

Israeli Firms Offer Fuel Tank, Comms Upgrades For F-35

Israel Develops Tech Capable of Detecting Live Objects Behind Walls

Tunisia to receive armed Textron C-208EX from ATI Engineering

International court backs Somalia in sea dispute with Kenya

Mozambique Still Matters

Tigray forces say Ethiopia has launched a major offensive

Russia Developing Su-57-Launched Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile

At least 16 killed as plane carrying parachutists crashes in Russia

Catching Up With Catching Up

Russian Spies 'Stole' UK Vaccine Formula, According to Opaquely Sourced Report

UK cyber head says Russia responsible for 'devastating' ransomware attacks

Russia rejects Japan's territorial claim over island chain as Kremlin chief responds

PHOTOS: The US Army's new Strykers blasted drones out of the sky with missiles during first live fire in Europe

Estonia’s Getting A Powerful Cruise Missile. Now It Needs Some Way To Find Targets.

Finland: Patria New Generation APC

Airbus says its solar-powered Zephyr HAPS drone set new records during summer tests

France: Naval Group Reveal XLUUV Demonstrator

UK: Skyrora To Launch From Shetland Islands

Bolivian Air Force Plane Crash Near Agua Dulce Killing 6 Onboard

How Colombia’s drug cartels almost bought a Soviet submarine

Chinese Testing Experimental Armed Drone Ships at Secret Naval Base

J-20 Mighty Dragon production likely to ramp up as China aims to have more stealth fighters than US by 2025

Chinese Flying Wing Drones Launch Swarming Decoys At Enemy Warships In Industry Video

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

China appears set to ban reporting by news outlets not directly funded by the Communist Party, in a further blow to free speech

China Will 'Lose Everything' If It Starts Taiwan War—former Marine Colonel

Taiwan-China situation ‘most grim’ in four decades: minister

Does Taiwan Need Nuclear Weapons to Deter China?

Why Taiwan remains calm in the face of unprecedented military pressure from China

North Korea pursues weapons despite Covid blockade: UN report

Unpacking Claims of Secret North Korean Intelligence Operations

At exhibition showing off nuclear arms, N. Korea displays apparent new weapon

Submarines: South Korea Leads The Way

Mistral 3 missiles for Jose Rizal class frigates have been delivered to Philippines

Ex-Myanmar President Says Army Tried to Force Him to Cede Power Hours Before Coup

Australia cleared to buy 12 MH-60Rs

The Iron Dome Air Defense System Is Heading To Guam

Annapolis Couple Charged with Selling Submarine Secrets Appear in Court, Detention Hearings Scheduled for Friday

Former U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer Allegedly Tried to Sell Submarine Secrets via Sandwich

"CIA Station D – Area 51": Insider’s New Book Opens Secrets on CIA Involvement in Area 51 - Who, What, Where, When & Why

China has won AI battle with U.S., Pentagon's ex-software chief says

Pentagon Official Resigns Saying US Cybersecurity Is No Match for China, Calling It ‘Kindergarten Level’

Ex-NSA Hackers Score $20 Million To Defend Planes, Trains And Tanks From Cyber Sabotage

Covid-19 Gives China And Russia A Strategic Advantage, Says U.S. Army

Nuclear security helicopter scours Boston Marathon route for radiation

GM Defense pitches new version of Infantry Squad Vehicle

Pratt & Whitney’s GatorWorks to 3D print entire jet engine

Raytheon Missiles & Defense unveils GhostEye MR, a new medium-range air and missile defense radar for NASAMS

BAE Systems demos APKWS II in CUAS role

Lockheed plans to pitch air defense laser weapon in future Army competition

General Atomics developing modular open system for MQ-1C

NASA to crash spacecraft into asteroid in hopes to test planetary defense systems

New US military branch gets its own intelligence wing

One Of U.S. Special Operation Command’s Shyest Spy Planes Has A New Name

GDLS displays second iteration of Tracked Robot 10-Ton

US Army’s light tank competition enters final stretch

Raytheon’s counter-UAV Coyote heads toward deployment

First platoon of short-range air defense systems get workout ahead of bigger events

US Army accelerates delivery of Sentinel A4 Missile Defense Radar

US Army is ‘knee-deep’ in tactical, wheeled vehicle assessment. Here are the platforms in play.

US Army’s Precision Strike Missile gets green light for development, readies for big test

Mark your calendar: The Black Hawk ‘Victor’ models are heading toward a key operational test

This Is Our First Look At The Marines' Loitering Munition-Armed Light Armored Vehicle

The Air Force's New 5,000-Pound Bunker Buster Bomb Breaks Cover

The Navy's Next Laser Weapon Is Basically a Real-Life Ray Gun

Why Multi-Billion Dollar Nuclear Submarines Still Run Into Things Underwater

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