Af/Pak & Other News (5/13/2021)

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May 13, 2021, 2:20:39 PMMay 13
Congressional Hearing on Afghanistan Leaves More Questions than Answers

Three-day ceasefire begins in Afghanistan, but future worries linger

'A death sentence': Lawmakers warn Pentagon of impending bloodbath for Afghan partners

Afghan forces battle to recapture Taliban-held Kabul outskirt

A City Under Siege: What the War Looks Like on Afghanistan’s Front Line

Time Crunch for Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Producing a Big Trash Pile

How China Views the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Iran: Desperate Times, Desperate Gambles

The MiG-21 Keeps Getting Copied: Is Iran's Latest Version Any Good?

Coalition says it intercepted Houthi missile and drone attack on Saudi targets

Russia Expands Military Facilities in Syria

Questions Mount After Army Charges 82nd Airborne Paratrooper for Syrian Firefight

Israeli military says 1,600 rockets fired from Gaza, 7 Israeli deaths

Israeli jet shoots down ‘suicide drone’ launched from Gaza Strip

Israel Wary of Iran Allies Spreading War Beyond Gaza

Israel Prepares Battle Plan for Gaza Incursion

Israel orders ‘massive reinforcement’ of security to quell internal violence

Hamas Targets Israel Nuclear Site, Oil Line to Arab World as Conflict Death Toll Rises

Hamas Using New Rocket Launchers with 120km Range to Attack Israel

Massive forces sent to Lod as Netanyahu vows to restore order with ‘iron fist’

Israel steps up Gaza offensive, kills senior Hamas figures

The political calculations behind Hamas’s escalating conflict with Israel

UN confirms military forces blocking aid in Ethiopia's Tigray region following CNN investigation

Ethiopia's Tigray risks starvation as anti-farming 'campaign' underway, official claims

Ukrainian scientists investigate spike in nuclear reactions at Chernobyl's inaccessible room

Infozahyst pitches its latest solutions for intelligence-gathering missions

Navy of Ukraine to receive Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 UAVs

EU Warns Russia Is Trying To Integrate Parts Of Eastern Ukraine

Norway Says No

Sweden: Luxury Jet Makers Battle Over Lucrative Spy Plane Niche

Germany, Poland agree to defend each other's airspace

Greece Overhauling Military With New Helicopters and Frigates, Updating U.S. Defense Pact

French Fighters Packing High-Tech Surveillance Pods Just Probed Russian Defenses

Belgium: John Cockerill Defense integrates rocket artillery system into its turret

UK signs contract worth £1.4bn for 14 new Chinooks

China Media Says U.S. 'Will Be Defeated,' Boasts Army Can Overwhelm American Troops

Z-19s air-to-air and air-to-surface missile firing practice

Mosques disappear as China strives to 'build a beautiful Xinjiang'

China uses coercive policies in Xinjiang to drive down Uyghur birth rates, think tank says

Why was Bangladesh ‘warned’ by China against joining the Quad?

South Korea: Concept video of KAI’s twin-engine airlifter

Philippine Navy to procure Shaldag Mk V patrol crafts from Israel Shipyards

An Australian destroyer arrived in San Diego with 2 dead endangered whales stuck to its hull

Mysterious Ailments Are Said to Be More Widespread Among U.S. Personnel

Former NSA hacker argues Russian government connected to Colonial Pipeline attack

Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom

What Is America’s Red Line for Military Action After a Cyberattack?

'We're trying to figure out what works': U.S. seeks Russia penalty that will stop cyberattacks

Biden orders wide cybersecurity changes for government, contractors

Pentagon Officials ‘Doubling Down’ on Acquisition Reform

Bonhomme Richard Hull in the Caribbean Sea After Panama Canal Transit

Old-Time Radio: Pentagon’s Electronic-Warfare Gear Is Dated, Experts Say

USAF Logistics Chief Raises Urgent Warning On Surge Capacity

NB-36 Crusader: America’s massive nuclear-powered bomber

USS Sealion Was The Navy’s Unique Helicopter-Accommodating Submarine

Competition will speed up fielding timeline for missile defense interceptor, MDA boss says

New Propulsion System Inspired By Dying Stars Can Reach a Hypersonic Mach 17

A new constellation? Space Force wants to get into tactical satellite imagery business

US Army concludes trial of Chinook fitted with King Stallion engines

Army Discloses Hypersonic LRHW Range Of 1,725 Miles; Watch Out China

U.S. Army Is Evaluating Electric Vehicles But Challenges Remain

The Cottonmouth amphibious vehicle could carry Marines into future battles

Air Force May Tilt To Drones: CSAF Brown

USAF plans to reduce fighter aircraft fleet to about four platform types

Top US Air Force general suggests future fighter-jet fleet won't include the F-22 Raptor

CSAF: F-22 Not in USAF’s Long-Term Plan

The Air Force Is Planning For a Future Without the F-22

Yes, It’s True, The F-22 Isn’t In The Air Force Chief’s Future Fighter Plans

U.S. Air Force: F-35 is the ‘Cornerstone’

Air Force investigates attacking swarms of enemy unmanned aircraft with bursts of high-power microwaves

Air Guard Shows Off New ‘Ghost Reaper’ Chops At Northern Edge

Wittman: Navy Needs Money in its Budget for Modernization, But Not From Cutting Cruisers

Denver company 3D prints submarine prototype for Navy

Navy asks Northrop Grumman to build electronic warfare (EW) with soft kill capability for surface warships

Despite Promises, USS Ford Heads To Shock Trials With 4 Broken Elevators

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