Af/Pak & Other News (9/21/2021)

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Sep 21, 2021, 12:52:34 PM9/21/21
Taliban appoint hardline battlefield commanders to key Afghan posts

Can the Taliban Govern Afghanistan? Probably Not.

Will the Taliban take a seat at the UN?

Factional fighting hits Taliban govt, differences are over Pakistan

IS bomb attacks on Taliban raise specter of wider conflict

Afghanistan's Former Prosecutors Hunted By Criminals They Helped Convict

Air Force IG to investigate Kabul drone strike that killed 7 children

China and Pakistan See Eye to Eye on the Taliban—Almost

Former US military officer says close to 1,000 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan

How America Forgot It Needed to Understand The Enemy

The important question nobody is asking about the US defeat in Afghanistan

The Bizarre Positive Biden Spin on Afghanistan

India seizes $2.7 bln Afghan heroin haul amid Kabul takeover chaos

Havana Syndrome Symptoms Have Been Reported in These Countries

US deploying 2,000 troops to Iraq for nine month period: Report

Two jihadist commanders killed in Syria drone strikes: monitor

Syria's Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Other Middle Eastern Jihadists Are Copying the Taliban Model

Israel Wants To Put New Equipment Inside The F-35: Exclusive Q&A With Top Officer

Turkey Delivers First Bayraktar TB2 UAVs to Morocco

Sudanese authorities thwart attempted coup, arrest plotters

Congo: China Miners Go Full Damage Control

Scottish shipyard to build warship for Ukraine

Russia Holds Anti-Terror Drills With China, Missile Exercises

European court finds Russia was behind Litvinenko assassination, Moscow calls decision 'unfounded'

Greece Steadfast in Creating Souda Naval Base

Diehl to equip German GBU-48s with TIP warhead

Perception that France is ‘too soft’ on China fed Australia submarine dispute

British police charge 3rd suspect with poisoning ex-Russian spy, 3 others

UK Army Air Corps demos radar-equipped Wildcat helicopter

U.K. defense ministry investigating email exposing Afghan interpreters seeking rescue

A Low-Tech, Unkillable ‘Mesh’ Of Targeting Drones Could Help Destroy A Chinese Fleet Invading Taiwan

North Korea Gets Schooled

Australian documents showed French submarine project was at risk for years

Canada to upgrade Hornets with AESA radar

Jeremy Corbell First Interview with Bob Lazar

Nation-state espionage group breaches Alaska Department of Health

Air Force ABMS Refocus: Capabilities And Kit, Not Experiments

Air Force cyber defense taking aim at core weapon systems

The Air Force Blew It When It Decided Not To Give Its KC-135s Winglets 40 Years Ago

F-35 pilot explains how 1950s tech shot down a ‘stealth fighter’

Mystery Stealth Boat in Gulfport, Mississippi Partially Identified

SecAF to Congress: Let us retire aircraft or we can’t beat China

Air Force Secretary Warns of China’s Burgeoning Nuclear Arsenal, Reveals B-21 Detail

AFRL’s Golden Horde ‘Gladiator’ Drones To Compete Virtually

Boeing Unveils New Two-Stage Long-Range Air-To-Air Missile Concept

Space Development Agency approves design for satellites that can track hypersonic weapons

A New DARPA Contract Brings Us One Step Closer to Nuclear Thermal Spaceflight

Kaman unveils medium-lift UAV to resupply distributed Marine Corps forces

Raytheon to help Marines deploy radar and Stinger missiles on JLTVs to counter manned and unmanned aircraft

Five B-21 Raider Stealth Bombers Are Now In Final Assembly

RQ-4B now flying operational missions with MS-177

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