Af/Pak & Other News (10/29/2021)

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Oct 29, 2021, 12:48:36 PM10/29/21
Former US soldier returns to Afghanistan, rescues Christians from Taliban

Afghanistan: Flurry of Islamic State Khorasan attacks could be sign of group's growing strength

Rights Group Says Taliban Imposing Harsher 'Vice' Rules Than Publicly Announced

The Taliban’s secretive war against IS

'Just give us our money': Taliban push to unlock Afghan billions abroad

Pakistan Beefs Up Security As Banned Islamist Group Resumes March On Capital

Indian Air Force and DRDO Tests Indigenously Developed Long-Range Bomb

India Deploys US Weapons To Fortify Border With China

Indian Army Ineffective Sans Russian Equipment: US Report

Indian Navy’s stealth frigate Tushil launched in Russia

U.S. Takes Aim at Iran’s Drone Program, Seeing Risk to Mideast Stability

Iranian Secrets And Lies

Iraq sends troops to Diyala after attack by Islamic State

Why Iraq's Protest Movement Led To An Election That Millions Sat Out

Ballistic missile kills at least 11 civilians in Yemen

Unmanned tech dominates Turkey’s border security summit

‘Terrorist statelets would emerge in Syria, Iraq without Turkey’s ops’

Russian Su-35 Fighters Appear For The First Time At Northeastern Syria Airbase: Reports

Lebanon asks Russia for satellite images from day of port blast

German photographer spills the beans: Jordan flew in IDF aerial drill

Hamas Acknowledges Members of Specialized Unit Killed by Israel

Egypt procures 2 replenishment tankers from the UK

Libya PM says billions stolen from Libyans by several countries

Morocco to Increase Military Spending

Congo: Stealing, Starvation, Sadism

'This coup is destined to fail,' Sudanese Professionals Association tells FRANCE 24

Sudanese general ignored U.S. warning as army rolled out coup plan

Sudan coup leader says will appoint new premier within week

Rostec’s New Parachute to Allow Safe Landing of Personnel from 150m at Aircraft Speed of 180kmph

Another member of a secretive Russian military-intelligence unit has been charged in a brazen UK assassination. Here's how the GRU works.

Swedish government to go ahead with purchase of Globaleye

Macron’s anger over nuclear submarine deal linked to French election, Peter Dutton says

Deep-sea divers helped solve a century-old U-boat mystery in the waters between the UK and France

Cuban exile told sons he trained Oswald, JFK’s accused assassin, at a secret CIA camp

Chinese Military on Target to Surpass US, Russia

Chinese military progress ‘stunning’ while US slowed by ‘brutal’ bureaucracy, joint chief warns

China's Submarine Fleet Is Catching Up to the U.S., Causing Partners to Panic

China’s Carrier-Capable Naval Stealth Fighter Has Flown

Chinese military may have an edge over US on artificial intelligence research, report warns

Details of China info war revealed

China’s New Land Borders Law Is a Nightmare for North Korean Refugees

China Will Pay To Build A New Military Base On Tajikistan's Border With Afghanistan

Satellite images show China may be using closed civilian airport to launch Taiwan overflights

S.Korean DAPA Announces Project to Develop Naval Interception System

First JASDF KC-46A arrived in Japan

Honda has already developed a prototype engine for a rocket

Nuclear-Powered Submarines for Australia? Maybe Not So Fast.

The unintended consequences of the AUKUS deal

Royal Navy Submarine Makes Rare Visit to Australia as Australia’s Future Submarine Begins to Take Shape

Ransomware: It's a 'golden era' for cyber criminals - and it could get worse before it gets better

Russian accused of developing malware that infected millions extradited to U.S.

How Facebook Failed the World

The Big Promises and Potentially Bigger Consequences of Neurotechnology

Could Jetpacks Play a Role in Future Military Campaigns?

Air Force is first to face troops' rejection of vaccine mandate as thousands avoid shots

DARPA Integrates Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat Sensors in Police Vehicles

Stefany: Repairs to USS Connecticut Could Cause ‘Perturbations’ in Public Shipyards

Don’t Assume the US Will Fight China and Russia One at a Time

Risk aversion and secrecy are costing US its military advantage, No. 2 general says

Check Out This Super Grimy B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Awaiting A Deep Overhaul

With Connecticut Stuck In Guam, Spotlight Is Back On Navy’s Shipyard Plans

Army Expects Fierce, Close Combat in Next War Despite Advanced Tech

How SOCOM plans to use the MC-130J in a war with Russia or China

Modified Wily Coyote entices non-US users

The US Army will test a 300 kW laser weapon system in 2022

VMAT-203 sundown ceremony today. It is the only active unit to train pilots to fly the AV-8B Harrier for the USMC.

The Military’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Problem

Boeing’s Mighty F-15EX Fighter Is Proving Itself in ‘Combat’

Navy Aviation Vision 2030-2035

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