Af/Pak & Other News (12/5/2020)

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Dec 5, 2020, 10:43:05 PM12/5/20
What’s Russia’s Aim in Afghanistan?

Congress Moves to Block US Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Germany

‘Modicum of success’ is the new ‘Mission Accomplished’ for Afghanistan

Suhaila Siddiq, Afghanistan’s First Female General, Is Dead

Operational Memory: Why We Stayed in Afghanistan for 20 Years

Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei hands power to son due to health – report

Fakhrizadeh’s sons say he was shot 4-5 times, warned against travel before hit

Biggest Iranian Flotilla Yet En Route to Venezuela With Fuel

Iran-Israel: can the low-intensity conflict turn into open war?

Muqtada al-Sadr may be preparing a bid to be Iraq’s next prime minister

Cargo Ship Attacked off Yemen Under Unclear Circumstances

Russian Journalists Held in Turkey for Filming Near Baykar Drone Facility

Fighting Attrition: A Look Inside a Damascus Armour Repair Facility

Inside the Rebel Wave of Smash N’ Grab Raids That Plagued Idlib

U.S. to withdraw most troops from Somalia by 'early 2021'

U.S. decision to withdraw troops dismays some Somalis

Nigeria Flies Again

Military officer elected head of Mali's interim legislature

Fighting flares in Ethiopia's Tigray as army says closing in on rebellious force

Sudanese Military Enters Disputed Lands Neighboring Tigray Region

Ukrainian Air Defense to Train to Intercept American MQ-9 Reapers

Ukrainian Camel 4x4 UGV has successfully passed a series of trial qualification tests

Russia's Mercenary Army, Wagner PMC, Exposed in Rare Interview

Russia to Soon Develop Unmanned Helo-Radar Complex to Defeat Enemy Drones

Russian “Terminator” Vehicles Are Neat but Unnecessary

Moscow opens dozens of coronavirus vaccination centers

Transnistria: The Victory Day Parade That Everyone Forgot

Royal Navy flagship HMS Albion wraps up experimental mission

Britain's MoD in talks to control steelmaker for nuclear submarines

British warships monitor ‘significant Russian presence’ near UK waters

Britain to send aircraft carrier strike group to waters near Japan

South China Sea: how a Spratlys radar system could give the PLA an information edge

Fresh images of Chinese Navy (PLAN) Type-003 Aircraft Carrier

China unfurls its first fabric flag on moon

How China Is Buying Up the West’s High-Tech Sector

Beijing’s South China Sea military bases ‘are vulnerable to attack and will be of little use in a war’

Philippines: Under Pressure on Shore, Abu Sayyaf May Increase Reliance on the Sea

Japanese space capsule carrying pristine asteroid samples lands in Australia

Pentagon responds to release of photograph taken by Navy pilot showing an unidentified object

Former President Barack Obama Answers Questions on the Existence of UFOs and Aliens

'Havana Syndrome' likely caused by pulsed microwave energy, government study finds

The Trump administration blocked Biden and his transition team from meeting with Pentagon-controlled intelligence agencies

After Spike in Deaths, Lost Aircraft, Aviation Commission Calls for New Safety Council

This Relatively Young Military Sealift Command Ship Is Absolutely Caked In Rust

‘Marine One’ replacement frequenting Washington, D.C. skies

‘Artificial Skin’ May One Day Make Troops Invisible, Even to Heat Sensors

Space Balloon Company Will Soon Conduct Its First Test Flight

General Atomics Avenger Drone Flew An Autonomous Air-To-Air Mission Using An AI Brain

Congress hits fast-forward to field new capability to counter drones

Citing littoral combat ship failures, Congress pushes the US Navy to get FFG(X) right

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