Af/Pak & Other News (1/13/2021)

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Jan 13, 2021, 1:39:58 PMJan 13
Progress stalls in Afghan peace talks as sides await Biden

UN official: Terrorists using pandemic to stoke extremism

Pakistan sinks another former Royal Navy frigate in live-fire drill

Secret tunnel on India-Pak border reveals PM Imran Khan’s real plans

Indian Cabinet Approves Procurement of 83 HAL Tejas Light Combat Aircraft

Iran works on uranium metal for reactor fuel in new breach of nuclear deal

U.S. identifies additional al Qaeda leaders in Iran

US Warns Iran Fueling Potential al-Qaida Resurgence

Iran Commissions Its Massive Oil Tanker Turned Sea Base Into Service

New Iranian Bill Vows Israel’s Destruction Within 20 Years

Iran Holds Missile Drill in Gulf of Oman Amid Tensions

Qatar, Bahrain trade accusations over alleged incursions

Yemen: Faction Satisfaction

Analysis: Review Turkish defense industry aviation and aerospace Aircraft - Helicopters - UAVs

Dozens Said Killed As Alleged Israeli Strikes Hit Iran-Backed Militias In Syria

'Israeli airstrikes near Syria-Iraq border targeted Iranian weapons'

US official: Israel carried out Syria strikes using American intelligence

Israel: Elbit Systems to Supply Seagull Unmanned Surface Vehicles to Asia-Pacific Customer

Mali receives additional Mi-35M (Hind E) helicopter from Russia

Sudanese military helicopter crashes near Ethiopian border

Kenya: KAF Harbin Y-12 Plane Crashes Near Voi Killing All 4 People Aboard

Ethiopia says ex-foreign minister killed by military after refusing to surrender

Rebels launch attacks close to C.Africa capital

Russia to begin testing its new mobile 152mm howitzer

Bombs Away! Russia’s Killer Drone Lobs Thousand-Pound Munition In Critical Test

Pantsir Gets Patched

"Russia is my country": Despite risks, Kremlin critic Navalny to fly home

M-Frigates Replacement to be Known as ASWF – Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigate

Rolls-Royce, UK Space Agency Launches First Study into Nuclear Power for Space Exploration

First Peacetime Terror Attack On The Air Force Destroyed Eight A-7 Attack Jets 40 Years Ago

You Will Be Assimilated: China’s Plan to Take Over the Global Economy

Powered Exoskeleton to Help Chinese Soldiers Carry 50 kg Ammunition

China’s high-speed, armed reconnaissance drone completes maiden flight

This Is Our Best Look Yet At China's Z-20F Seahawk Clone Toting Air-To-Surface Missiles

New China Defense Law Could 'Justify' PLA Action Against U.S.—Think Tank

North Korea Plans Hypersonic Prototype, Touts Nuclear Progress

Demoted? Pushed aside? Fate of Kim Jong Un’s sister unclear

North Korea Confirms Military Parade, Thinks It's 'Weird' South Is Watching

Report: South Korea testing new missile as Pyongyang commits to nuclear program

Japan, South Korea in dispute over maritime vessel 'breach'

Japan looks into vehicle-mounted counter-drone lasers

Sea Dragon 2021 kicks off in Guam with Australia, Canada, India and Japan participating

CIA releases UFO ‘Black Vault’ documents early: How to see them online

Shocking Documents Show Government Paid Millions to Chase UFOs and Werewolves

Live: House votes on Trump impeachment over siege of US Capitol

A Secretive Technology Could Be Bad News For Capitol Rioters

The FBI Is Using Baked Alaska's Livestream to Track Down Capitol Hill Rioters

Message from Joint Chiefs on U.S. Capitol Riot

‘A 20th Century Commander Will Not Survive’: Why The Military Needs AI

Pentagon Report Paints Grim Picture Of America’s Industrial Decline

U.S. Unveils Plan to Counter China’s Rise From India to Taiwan

Black Flag Rises: New “Super Bowl Of Test Exercises” Pushes USAF’s Top Weapons To Their Limit

DARPA one step closer to full-scale flight testing of intermediate-range hypersonic weapons system

Army Revamps Acquisition Strategy for Bradley Replacement

U.S. Marine Corps to extend the service life of AV-8B Harrier to 2029

USAF awards USD1.7 billion for KC-46A tankers

Kratos gets $12.7M contract for ‘attritable’ unmanned combat air vehicle engine

Developing The MQ-25’s Ground Control Station Means Thinking Like A Mission Commander - Not A Pilot

The Air Force’s Secret New Fighter Jet Uses F1-Style Engineering

Northrop Grumman EW System Could Be Installed On About 450 F-16s If Successful

Navy Wants to Shed Aegis Ashore Mission, But Army Still Hasn’t Agreed to Take It

The Navy just got its hands on a new frickin’ laser weapon to play with

Constellation-class Program update, the future Frigate of the U.S. Navy

Navy’s Next Destroyer Will Ensure ‘No Target Is Out Of Range’

New Destroyer, Armed With Lasers and Hypersonic Missiles, Envisioned as Navy’s Future Centerpiece

Navy Integrating Unmanned Surface Vessels, Zumwalt DDGs Into Fleet Battle Problem Exercise

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