Af/Pak & Other News (2/22/2021)

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Feb 22, 2021, 3:12:01 PM2/22/21
Afghanistan's Ghani sees 'window of opportunity' for peace process

India: Navy's Vertical Launch Short Range Surface-To-Air Missile Test-Fired, Can Hit Sea-Skimming Targets

Terror groups in Jammu & Kashmir adopt Canadian messaging app to evade Indian security services

India-China Border Disputes Persist Despite Troop Pullback

Khamenei says Iran may enrich uranium to 60% purity if needed

Iraq Decides Against Oil-Supply Deal With China’s Zhenhua

NATO to expand Iraq training mission

Rockets hit Baghdad green zone, no casualties - Iraqi military

UAE: Caracal unveils new .338 semi-automatic rifle

U.A.E.-Based Armacraft Signs Contract with Foreign Navy to sell Diver Submersible

Edge Group unveils kamikaze drones at IDEX

HALCON lifts veil on new HAS-250 anti-ship missile

A Ton of the New Defense Technologies Being Unveiled at IDEX-2021

In the Middle East, War Is Going Digital; And that should scare everyone.

Saudi Arabia, South Korea to Jointly Produce Biho II Air Defense Systems

Yemen's Houthis raise stakes in Marib 'blood bath', sources say

It’s Official: KC-46 Tankers And More F-35s For Israel, But No Advanced F-15s For Now

How Drones Are Changing The Way The Israeli Army Operates

Italian ambassador among three killed in attack on UN convoy in DR Congo

ISWAP Jihadists Overrun Nigerian Army Base as Residents Flee

Somalia: The Worst Gets Worse

Somali Military Kills 70 al-Shabaab Members in Two Operations

South Africa: Paramount launches N-Raven long range swarming UAV system

Ukraine accuses Russian networks of new massive cyber attacks

Russian spies try to steal Ukrainian modern tank secrets

No Middle East Nation Interested in Russia's Su-57 Jet

Russian Reality Based Reforms

Russia to Unveil the Antey-4000 Missile System at IDEX 2021

Kalashnikov Presents New “Hybrid” Fixed Wing-Multirotor Drone at IDEX 2021

EU agrees to sanction Russian officials over Navalny jailing

Armenia seeks bigger Russian military presence on its territory

Milrem Robotics showcases robotic mini-tank at IDEX 2021

Sweden Charges Former High-Tech Worker With Spying For Russia

U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer Bombers Have Just Arrived At Orland Air Station, Norway.

UMS Skeldar’s V-200 UAV achieves automatic take-off and landing milestone

New Artwork Collaboration: Walrus Class Submarine

Boeing 747 cargo plane drops engine parts in Netherlands, investigation launched

Italy showcases new multirole mission for Eurofighters

BriteCloud decoy trialled on Reaper UAV

French carrier FS Charles de Gaulle starts Middle East deployment

France's new SSBN: Aus Attack-class 2nd or 3rd Priority.

Britain denounces abuses "on industrial scale" in China's Xinjiang

Littoral Strike Ship concepts see light again

Chinese spyware code was copied from America's NSA: researchers

No More Nannies—The Chinese Air Force Is Finally Training Its Fighter Pilots To Match The Americans

Chinese, Japanese chase each other near disputed Diaoyu Islands as tensions rise in East China Sea

Interoperability with U.S. will be Key Feature of Japan's F-X Fighter Jet

U.S., Japan start computer-based Resilient Shield 2021 exercise

U.S., Japan Begin Joint Military Drills after China Enters Japanese Waters

North, South Korea condemn Japan's claims over Dokdo

South Korea discloses plans for light-aircraft carrier

Vietnam builds up defences against Beijing in Spratly Islands, report says

In Pictures: Nationwide General Strike against Military Coup in Myanmar

Airliner Encountered Unidentified Fast-Moving Cylindrical Object Over New Mexico

Congress creates new special operations and intelligence subcommittee

Mysterious Malware ‘Silver Sparrow’ Infects Tens-of-Thousands of Macs

Trump 'offered Kim Jong Un a ride home on Air Force One'

XB-70A Valkyrie: Supersonic Bomber Turned Passenger Jet?

German special forces mistaken for terrorists after training mix-up in Arizona

The Army’s new infantry goggles put the ‘Tron’ in ‘Army Strong’

On Iron Dome, 'our intent is not to park them in a parking garage': US general

U.S. Marines Test Ultra-Destructive New Artillery Round

Software-Defined, Unmanned Jets Pitched For USAF Training Role

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