Af/Pak & Other News (5/18/2021)

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May 18, 2021, 2:07:19 PM5/18/21
Afghanistan ‘ready’ for Taliban violence after US withdrawal, Afghan president says

US envoy: Fear of Taliban conquering Kabul are overblown

The U.S. Looks To Support The Afghan Military From 'Over The Horizon'

China Offers to Host Afghan Peace Talks

India: Navy seeks amendment to 30-year submarine plan, wants six nuclear boats

China’s plans for Himalayan super dam stoke fears in India

With Iranian support, drones are becoming a larger threat to Israel -analysis

US deploys F/A-18D aircraft in Saudi Arabia

Turkey to Go Ahead with Russian Weapons Purchases Despite US Objections

US Targets Islamic State Moneymen in Turkey, Syria

Turkey kills PKK terrorist group's Syria head: Erdoğan

Turkish UAV drone stops 1.5 tons of marijuana being smuggled out of Syria

Israeli army launches artillery towards Lebanon in response to rocket fire

Israeli Warships Fire Missiles At Gaza While Hamas Takes Aim At Offshore Oil Platforms

Hamas-Israel Confrontation Sees Notable Differences from Past Fights

Iran 'wants chaos in Israel,' says retired British military official

Army Thwarts Hamas Underwater Drone Attack on Israeli Ships

Why does the hard left glorify the Palestinians?

Israel: Hamas Got Played

Israel Defense Forces Release Bombing Video of Islamic Commander

Key players in the Israel-Palestinian conflict and why peace remains elusive in Gaza

U.S. Tripoli visit shows increased Libya focus after fighting

Ukrainian Artillery Takes Part in NATO Exercise in Poland

Russian Army Receives Radar for S-500 Air-Defense System

Russia’s Mi-28NM “Breakthrough” Gunship Can Launch Drones

Latest Russian submarines should carry Lasta antitorpedoes - Part 2

Russia’s northernmost base projects its power across Arctic

Blinken says Russia has advanced unlawful maritime claims in the Arctic

Russia's Foreign Minister Shrugs Off Concerns of Military's Arctic Expansion: 'It's Our Territory'

Russia's intelligence chief suggested without evidence that the US and UK orchestrated the SolarWinds hack that breached US government agencies

Russian MPs move a step closer to banning Navalny allies from elections Access to the comments

Intimidation and repression of Russian opposition steps up a gear

Georgia to Begin Producing M4 Rifles, Drones in 2022

U.S. Voices Concern After Military Movements Near Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

Raytheon, Kongsberg complete first AMRAAM-ER live-fire tests

Hungary to receive new Lynx fighting vehicles with active protection system

Romania-built plane used by Ceausescu going up for auction

Germany arrests businessman over dual-use exports to Russia

Spain vows to restore order after thousands swim into Ceuta from Morocco

Four U.S. B-52 Bombers Have Just Landed In Spain For A Bomber Task Force Deployment

RAF stands up new ISTAR Air Wing

Russian spy ship shadowing carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

Will the UK block the Chinese fighter offer to Argentina?

New Photos Reveal Details of Cuba’s Tiny, Lethal Attack Submarine

Chinese Military Helicopters Spotted Flying in the Shape of '100'

China’s navy in live-fire drills across three theatre commands, hinting at moves to counter US

China Planning 'Unprecedented' Tiananmen Memorial Crackdown: Report

China Makes Tenth Incursion Into Taiwan ADIZ in May

North Korea expected to test new weapons soon, analysts say

North Korea: Road Warriors

South Korea to Test Low-Noise Drones for Surveillance

Leaked Navy video appears to show UFO off California

Retired US Navy Chief explains tech witnessed in UFO aircraft sighting

When it comes to UFOs, the U.S. has a ‘massive intelligence failure on our hands,’ says former defense official

Obama Says Government Doesn't Have Alien Specimens, But UFOs Are Real

What we know about UFOs: How the Pentagon has handled reported sightings, mysterious videos and more

How ‘Rear Adm. Jack Meehoff’ fooled a bunch of real retired generals and admirals

Two US Navy T-45 Goshawk Jet Trainers Collide In Mid-Air Over Texas

Military jet intercepted small plane over Delaware airspace during Biden visit

Crew Ejects From Qatari F-15QA Fighter While On The Ground At Airport Near St. Louis

What We Know About The High-Altitude Balloons Recently Lingering Off America's Coastlines

Pentagon weighs keeping Trump-era change to ‘psychological operations’

How the Air Force turns a combat-ready F-16 into a high-flying Thunderbirds act

General Electric’s “Transformational” Adaptive Cycle Jet Engine Completes Testing

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: May. 17

DARPA And Northrop Grumman Working On Blackjack Network’s Payload To Reduce Impact Of GPS Jamming

Atlas V rocket launch carrying Space Force missile-warning satellite delayed to Tuesday

The strangest Spec-Ops firearms in SOCOM’s armory

Secretive Army Suicide Drone Smashed Mock Air Defenses During Advanced War Games

Robot Black Hawk To Fly In Project Convergence 21: MOSA Key

Army seeks to move power of laser weapons from kilowatts to terawatts to destroy targets with quick pulses

Industry, SOCOM Gearing Up for 'Armed Overwatch' Demo

SOCOM’s Armed Overwatch To Fly Grueling New Test

Desperate For Firepower, The U.S. Air Force Loads Cruise Missiles On Cargo Planes

"Fox 3!"—Inside The Air Force's Live Air-To-Air Missile Shoots

USAF conducted final flight test of F-15C Eagle Infrared Search and Track Legion Pod at Ex. Northern Edge 21

F-15EX To Carry New Oversized Air-To-Air Missile

What exactly is the Low Probability of Intercept Radar (LPI)?

US Navy Orders 18 Coyote Supersonic Sea-Skimming Targets

Navy to Decommission Littoral Combat Ships USS Freedom, USS Independence Later This Year

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