Af/Pak & Other News (6/14/2021)

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Jun 14, 2021, 1:31:16 PM6/14/21
Bombings Hit Shi'ite Area Of Afghan Capital As More Districts In Provinces Fall To Taliban

CENTCOM Head Says US Will Not Support Afghan Forces with Airstrikes After Troop Withdrawal

US transfers some Afghan MD 530F support to UAE

Pakistan dumps Chinese missile for new warships, chooses European weapon?

India interested in Russian Sprut-SDM1 amphibious light tanks

Iran’s Navy Receives Two New Warships

Unidentified Drone Drops Explosives near U.S. Base within Bagdad Airport Complex

NATO approaches Qatar to seek training base for Afghan forces after withdrawal

Saudi assassins picked up illicit drugs in Cairo to kill Khashoggi

Saudi-led coalition intercepts Houthi drone, says state TV

At least 18 killed in missile attack on Syrian city, hospital

Somalia: Culture Clash

Ukraine considers buying the Iron Dome - report

Ahead of Biden-Putin summit, Ukraine leader tells Americans war with Russia could "be tomorrow in their houses"

Vladimir Putin Warns Ukraine That Joining NATO is Unacceptable

The Yasen Challenge

Russia is saying goodbye to its last Soviet-era ballistic-missile submarines. Here's what's replacing them.

Are the Borei Class Submarines Backbone of the Russian Deterrence?

Russian intelligence likely behind mysterious, debilitating attacks on U.S. personnel

Ransomware’s suspected Russian roots point to a long detente between the Kremlin and hackers

NATO Summit Latest Updates: Cyberthreats From Russia, China Are Main Concerns for Allies

NATO expanding defense clause to attacks in space

Belarus could be used as a Russian 'weapon' against NATO, Lithuania president says

HMS Northumberland’s crew honed their anti-submarine warfare skills during a four-day “fight” in the fjords on Norway.

Dassault Rafale seems to be on top in Switzerland

‘The OSINT Bunker’ – Episode 8 released

China expands nuclear arms stockpile in 2021, Swedish think tank says

China Silent Over Nuclear Leak Allegations as Taishan Plant Says Readings 'Normal'

A Chinese spy ship and surveillance planes are keeping closer watch on the South China Sea as tensions rise

China’s space race gathers pace: next stop, Jupiter?

North Korea could have 40 to 50 nuclear weapons, think tank says

In Tokyo court, US father-son duo admit to helping ex-Nissan chief Ghosn escape

US documents solve mystery of war criminal Tojo's remains

The first 12 JASDF aircrew students have started their training on operating the KC-46 Pegasus

Philippines again suspends scrapping of troop pact with U.S. amid China dispute

The woman who forced the US government to take UFOs seriously

Arms Researchers Warn That Decline In Nuclear Weapons Appears To Have Stalled

Former CIA officer details "Havana Syndrome" he says he suffered in Moscow: "An act of war"

Zenith AeroTech Quad 8 tethered unmanned aerial vehicle demonstrates 161 hours of persistent surveillance

Submarine USS Cod strikes moored Coast Guard boat while being towed to Erie, Pennsylvania for maintenance

The Space Force Ka-Bar that nobody asked for is finally here

US Space Force tests tactically responsive launch concept with Pegasus XL rocket

Bronco II selected for final phase of US Armed Overwatch

The AH-1Z Viper Performed The First Link 16 Test Flight As The H-1 Mixed Fleet Surpassed 400,000 Flight Hours

Just How Stealthy Is The U.S. Air Force’s New F-15?

Video: Navy, Army test motor for new hypersonic missile | Military Times Reports

‘Ghost Fleet’ of autonomous ships added to San Diego’s state-of-the-art Navy squadron

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