Af/Pak & Other News (5/22/2021)

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May 22, 2021, 10:14:50 PM5/22/21
EXPLAINER: Much about US pullout from Afghanistan is unclear

Managed Risks, Managed Expectations: How Far Will Targeted Killing Get the United States in Afghanistan?

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda Are Closing In on Afghanistan’s Provincial Capitals

Allies leaving rapidly as NATO ends Afghanistan training mission

Pakistan shows interest in Ukrainian Oplot tank and Skif missile system

Pakistan allows overflight to U.S. military to support presence in Afghanistan: Pentagon official

40 years of delay! Why Indian air force still using MiG-21?

Iranian defense industry clones Belarus-made surveillance radar

Return of Iraqis seen as easing threat from Syria camp

A Winged Oryx - Bayraktar TB2s Over Qatar

Saudi-led airstrikes hit Houthi positions in central Yemen: gov't source

Military conflict looms in southern Yemen as tension rises between rivals: sources

Turkish Air Force commander Abidin Ünal gave direct order to down Russian jet

Turkey and Russia escalate standoff in Syria

Information Technology Drives Massive Growth in Israel’s Combat Capability

Hamas fighters parade in Gaza as Egyptian mediators try to firm up ceasefire

Hamas warns Palestinians: Don’t talk about the sites targeted by Israel

Much of Gaza Lies in Ruins Yet Hamas Claims “Victory”

Hamas leader thanks Iran for supplying weapons to Gaza

Gaza Conflict: Hamas’ North Korean Arms

Mow the Lawn: Israel’s Strategy For Perpetual War With the Palestinians

Israel showed US ‘smoking gun’ on Hamas in AP office tower, officials say

Who will rebuild the Gaza Strip? And what obstacles stand in the way?

The Real Impact of the War Between Hamas and Israel

‘It will not be the last war’: Palestinians and Israelis reflect on Gaza ceasefire

UN envoy: Libya mercenaries a threat to entire North Africa

Nigeria’s Army Chief, 11 others dies in Beechcraft King Air B350 crash

South Africa to Push for Military Action Against Mozambique Insurgents

Life on Ukraine’s front line: Trenches, abandoned homes and fear of conflict without end

Back From the Dead: Ukraine’s Tor SAMs

Russia’s Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile to Start State Trials in June

In the Russian Arctic, the First Stirrings of a Very Cold War

Two Russian SOF die in horrible fast-roping incident in Murmansk

Baltic Sea Showdown: Russian Su-27 Fighters Just Intercepted a U.S. B-52 Bomber

NATO’s Steadfast Defender Exercise Highlights Allied Deterrence as Russian Aggression Grows

Poland to become first NATO country to buy Turkish drones

German Leopard 2A7A1 tanks with Trophy active protection system to be deployed with NATO

Pioneering Extra-Large UUV: The Royal Navy's Manta

Challenger 3: Third time lucky for British armoured-vehicle programmes?

‘The OSINT Bunker’ – Episode 7 released

UK's Queen Elizabeth visits new aircraft carrier before Asia voyage

UK Carrier Srike Group on world tour (eg. Med & South China Sea)

Su-30SM ejection accident in Crimea

Martian rover Zhurong takes first drive on surface of Mars, China says

Taiwan: F-5 Outlives Rival MiG-21

Risk of Nuclear War Over Taiwan in 1958 Said to Be Greater Than Publicly Known

Final nail in the coffin: “South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced a joint decision Friday with the United States to terminate guidelines that have long restricted Seoul's development of missiles.”

Australian academic Yang Jun to face spying trial in China

Re-establishing Australia’s bomber fleet: the case for the B-21s

Harry Reid saw 'classified' things at Area 51 that 'fascinated me'

The UAP Report — What to Expect

Hyper-Realistic Training Event Simulated The Crash Of A Fighter Jet Over Wisconsin

US campuses become a growing front in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Border Patrol Helicopter Had Bizarre Encounter With Mysterious "Highly Modified" Drone

When will America protect itself against EMP, cyber and ransomware attacks?

Watch Out, F-35: ‘Spray On’ Stealth Fighters Could Be the Future

The New Air Force One’s Custom Hangar Facility Is Taking Shape

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: May. 20

Virgin Galactic nails 3rd spaceflight, after 2-year hiatus

Aevum announces all-in-one drone for satellite launches, cargo delivery and surveillance

US commander says more work needed to counter small drones

Army: Proposals For Cruise Missile Killer Due June 4

U.S. Special Ops Forces Getting Lightweight, More Lethal .338 NM Ammunition

Army wraps up industry demo for future electric light recon vehicle

US Talks With Israel About Buying More Iron Dome Systems

Israeli-made mobile howitzer completes U.S. Army’s shoot-off evaluation

Land-Based Strike Version Of Navy's Long-Range Air Defense Blasting Missile Breaks Cover

Marines' 24th MEU deploys with HIMARS rocket system

US Air Force’s newest refueling tanker to get gear allowing F-35 and F-22 to share data

Raytheon looks at integrating AMRAAM-ER in F-35A internal carriage

DDG-51 Cut: Not The End, But Maybe The Beginning Of The End?

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