Af/Pak & Other News (7/4/2012)

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Jul 4, 2012, 7:08:59 PM7/4/12
Independence Day in Afghanistan:

Complicated Withdrawal:

Drones decimating Taliban in Pakistan:

Bamyan Province emerges as a model for Afghanistan’s potential:

Pakistan, Afghanistan report rise in polio: study:

Explosion at Kabul gas reservoir kills two:

French army hands over Afghan province:

After U.S. Says Sorry, Pakistan Reopens Border:

Maintenance Faults Ground Afghan Air Force (excerpt):

U.S. "reviewing" UN agency over IT supplies to Iran:,0,4859888.story

Azerbaijan editor accused of spying for Iran:

BAE Systems Nears Oman Eurofighter Deal-Sources (excerpt):

Turkey: Facing Paris:

Turkey recovers bodies of downed jet’s pilots: army:

Syria pummels rebels as battered city collects bodies:

Syrian groups come to blows while seeking peace:

15th Syrian general defects to Turkey: diplomat:

Al Nusrah Front claims series of suicide attacks, ambushes in Syria:

Palestinian Authority agrees to exhume Arafat's body over new poison

Next-Gen "Ballistic Wallpaper":

Libya PM urges Mauritania to extradite ex-spy chief:

Advancing radical Islamists lay waste to religious heritage:

Swiss suspend arms exports to UAE over Syria weapons find:

Top Officer Slams British Army Cuts:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

RAF: 'No expectation' of finding missing Tornado aircrew alive:

Rheinmetall offers ASRAD 2 to boost Skyshield firepower:

Saint-Cyr Cyberdefense:

Eurofighter Typhoons of Italian Air Force Join “ANATOLIAN EAGLE 2012”:

YouTube: PLAAF Q-5 emergency belly landing:

Indonesia turns to Germany in bid to acquire Leopard 2A6 tanks:

YouTube: Rare 70′s video of China’s FanJi 1 ABM interceptor:

Increased Scope of CROWS II Framework Agreement:

Supersonic target crashes during flight test:

The Navy’s advanced weapons shopping list:

Navy Shipboard Lasers for Surface, Air, and Missile Defense:

Army Radar to Allow UAS to Fly in National Air Space:

Greenert wants long-range anti-ship weapons:

Oxygen Problems on F-22 Elude the Air Force’s Fixes (excerpt):

A-10 First Aircraft to Use Alcohol-Based Fuel:

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