Af/Pak & Other News (2/17/2021)

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Feb 17, 2021, 1:27:46 PM2/17/21
Afghanistan peace talks under threat as major Taliban spring offensive takes shape

Did China Build a Spy Network in Kabul?

NATO eyes post-Trump reset as Afghanistan call looms

Taliban keep close ties with Al Qaeda despite promise to U.S.

There have been zero reported US drone strikes since Joe Biden took office

Pakistan: Fatah Fades In

U.S., Kurds Blame Iran for Deadly Irbil Attack Despite Tehran’s Denials: Sources

Photos Reveal Damage from Deadly Rocket Attack at US Base in Iraq

U.S. Base Attack Forces Joe Biden to Juggle Retaliation With Iran Nuclear Deal Hopes

UAE: Milanion to unveils its new UGV during live demos at IDEX 2021

Houthi offensive on Yemen's Marib threatens mass displacement, U.N. warns

Turkish Drones to Fire Autonomously at Targets in Near Future

U.S. Super Hornet Tracking Russian Su-35 Over Syria had ‘Several’ Technical Issues

Egypt to Procure RAM Block 2 Tactical Missiles to Arm its Ships

Libya marks 10 years since start of protests that overthrew Gaddafi

After a Decade of Chaos, Can a Splintered Libya Be Made Whole?

France Maintains Sahel Force to ‘Decapitate’ Al-Qaeda Groups

Terrorism trial begins for man who inspired ‘Hotel Rwanda’

Guided-missile destroyer Winston Churchill seizes thousands of illicit weapons from dhows off Somalia coast

Gunmen kidnap "hundreds" of schoolboys in central Nigeria, sources say

Mali: Europe Gets A Clue

Here's Our Best Look Yet At Russia's Secretive Space Cannon, The Only Gun Ever Fired In Space

Kalashnikov futuristic MP-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun

Russia’s Northern Fleet increases military activities in the Arctic Region

Russian Su-57 Test-flies Hypersonic Missile Mock-up in Internal Bay

Russia, China to sign agreement on international lunar research station

Russia and Iran: A Growing Navy Alliance?

Vodafone develops new high-accuracy tech to track drones

Georgian Aircraft Manufacturer Announces Country’s First Combat Drone

Estonia report: Russia bets on COVID-19 weakening the West

Swedish defense leaders push Saab’s Gripen offer for Finland

Novadem to deliver about 50 more micro-drones NX70 to the French Army

UMISAS synthetic aperture sonar trialled ahead of integration for BE/NL MCM programme

France ties Russia’s Sandworm to a multiyear hacking spree

Cyber attacks hit two French hospitals in one week

Firms invited to trial tech on autonomous British submarine

Developing Nations Are Accelerating Cruise Missile Evolution

Satellite images show China emptying military camps at border flashpoint with India

PLAAF is starting to produce better trained fighter pilots and at a faster rate

Chinese Warplanes Continue Sorties Near Taiwan During Lunar New Year

Beijing May Have Scuppered Taiwan's Vaccine Roll-Out, Hints Health Minister

South China Sea: US challenges China’s claims with Spratly mission

North Korea ramped up missile research, Seoul's military says

Reports: North Korea ignored China, Russia COVID-19 vaccine offers

Reports: U.S. spy plane, missile tracking ship deployed near North Korea

Japan’s new Aegis ships can only be on duty 126 days a year

COVID coup: how Myanmar’s military used the pandemic to justify and enable its power grab

Myanmar coup protesters mass to reject army claim of support

Myanmar: despite appearances the country’s military might is waning

Australian army plans new amphibious landing craft for fleet

Air Force F-35 Stealth Fighters Are Now Operating From Guam’s Austere Airfield

How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA

A hacker claims to have breached a law firm used by Trump and dumped legal files on the dark web, report says

Pentagon report reveals inroads white supremacists have made in military

DOJ announces charges against North Korean hacker spies accused of conspiring to steal more than $1.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency

Report to Congress on U.S.-Vietnam Relations

Chinese tanks will be the main target for Javelin?

Army looks beyond land targets with new electronic warfare system

The Army Is Seeking Firms to Build Highly Mobile Light Tanks for Infantry Brigades

SOCOM Could Purchase 'Armed Overwatch' Aircraft in 2022

Special ops still bullish on new armed overwatch plane

AFSOC aims to consolidate multiple aircraft roles into Armed Overwatch

Kaman announces new order for the K-MAX helicopter

The U.S. Marines’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle Is a Beast

AI for security: Autonomous surveillance at Marine base has warzone potential

Red Flag 21-1 Kicked Off This Year’s Training Exercises Focusing On “Great Power Competition”

The Air Force Finally Has Its First New AT-6E Wolverine Light Attack Aircraft

U.S. Navy Seeks Bulletproof Survival Suits For Aircrew

RAM Block 2A missiles made by Raytheon ready for the US Navy

‘Like A Kids’ Soccer Game’: U.S. Navy Planners Leave The Field To Iran

Northrop Grumman Pitching Fire Scout Helicopter Drone for ASW Missions

How the U.S. Navy Could Use Drones to Kill Submarines

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