Af/Pak & Other News (1/17/2021)

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Jan 17, 2021, 8:04:17 PM1/17/21
Two female judges shot dead in Kabul as wave of killings continues

Guns For Hire: Tribal Mercenaries Turn A Profit In The Afghan Borderlands

After Tejas, India moves ahead to procure more MiG-29s & Sukhois

Indian army orders SWITCH VTOL UAVs manufactured by ideaForge

'Grave military implications': Iran making uranium metal alarms Europe

Iran's Missiles Landing Within 100 Miles Of A U.S. Carrier Group Is Provocative, But Not Much Else

US B-52 conducts ‘presence patrol’ after Iranian Guard holds missile drill

What Weapons Systems Won’t The U.S. Sell The UAE?

Suspicious Iranian Movements Near Syrian-Iraqi Borders after Israeli Bombing

Russian Navy deploys stealth patrol vessel to Syria

Russia carries out 40 raids on Deash areas in Syria

Beirut blast chemicals possibly linked to Syrian businessmen - report, company filings

Israel: A Hack To Die For

Conflict-Ravaged Libya Inches Closer to New Unity Government

Tunisian rioters clash with security forces for third night

Royal Air Force Chinooks Conduct Heavy Lift Operations in Mali

US military says its troop removal from Somalia is complete

Islamic State Overruns Nigerian Base, Thousands Forced to Flee

Ukrainian-Owned Cargo Ship Sinks In Black Sea

Soviets never received any (Iranian) Tomcat. But they published this F-14 “booklet” for their top fighter pilots.

The Terrifying History of Russia’s Nuclear Submarine Graveyard

Russia Establishes Consortium to Develop New-Gen Nuclear Energy Tech

Alexey Navalny detained on return to Moscow five months after being poisoned

Guatemalan forces clash with migrant caravan, Biden team seeks to halt exodus

China And Russia Hate Indo-Pacific’s New Collaborative Surveillance Webs

Everything you always wanted to know about Chinese air power (but were afraid to ask) – Interview with Andreas Rupprecht

Man vs. Machine: The Military Is Discussing Adding AI to Its Jet Fighters

China’s WJ-700 HALE UAV Makes Maiden Flight

First escort mission for Chinese Navy Changsha 173 Type 052D destroyer in the Gulf of Aden

China's space station core module, cargo craft pass factory review

China’s Vaccine Diplomacy in the Middle East

Chinese Seismic Survey Ship Off North America - OSINT

China Using ‘Cognitive Warfare’ Against Taiwan, Observers Say

Experts split over NK’s nuclear missile threat

New Yorker publishes stunning video of Capitol riot

The Race Is On to Identify and Stop Inauguration Rioters

Researchers: More Than a Dozen Extremist Groups Took Part in Capitol Riots

The U.S. Capitol Riot Was Years in the Making. Here's Why America Is So Divided

Why President-Elect Biden Will Likely Keep The Space Force

Branson's Virgin Orbit reaches space with key mid-air rocket launch

Ransomware reveals the hidden weakness of our big tech world

Former DOD Head: The US Needs a New Plan to Beat China on AI

FLIR to Deliver Improved Air and Ground Surveillance Capabilities to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Army tests new reserve parachute

The Marine Corps’s new amphibious battlewagon is cramped, fails often, and is difficult to escape

Rhino charge! Flying & Fighting in the Super Hornet

Despite Hard Times, The F-35 Program Demonstrated Stellar Performance In 2020

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