Af/Pak & Other News (4/2/2021)

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Apr 2, 2021, 7:07:49 PM4/2/21
Getting wrong the right way to get out of Afghanistan

As U.S. seeks peace, Taliban celebrates its jihadist training camps

Pakistan Seen As Repeating ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ In Afghanistan

Pakistan, India peace move silences deadly Kashmir frontier

India: Better Isn’t Best When Good Enough Will Do

India's New Maritime Theatre (MTC) Command on way.

Why US Troops Blew Up Uday Hussein's Rare Lamborghini SUV in Iraq

Iraq: Rocks Of Doom

'Worse than a jungle': the cartel controlling Iraqi borders

'Report ISIS in your area:' U.S. coalition urges Iraqis, Syrians to call hotline, report extremists

Rights groups in Russia condemn Moscow's role in Syria war crimes

Satellite images show the Ever Given sitting in an artificial lake off the Suez Canal, where its hull will be inspected for seaworthiness

The end of Libya’s nightmare or the beginning of a new one?

Boko Haram claim shooting down of Nigerian Air Force jet

'We hope to get our pilots alive,' Nigerian air force says, as military plane disappears from radar

Niger inaugurates president in 1st democratic power transfer

Ethiopia Risks Lengthy Stalemate In War-hit Tigray: Report

Biden offers Ukraine 'unwavering support' in faceoff with Russia

Moscow Warns West Against Sending Troops to Back Ukraine

Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

Russian Firm to Develop Micro Satellites with Phased Array Radar

Russian secret Burlak tank allegedly leaks via social media

Russia’s Weak Strongman

Russia and China are beating the U.S. at vaccine diplomacy, experts say

Russia now requires all smartphones and devices in the country to have Russian software preinstalled

Russia cracks down on new independent media after tale of Putin's 'lovechild' riles Kremlin

Kremlin Spy and Ex-U.S. Convict Sent to Humiliate Navalny in Prison

Croatia: Bees and drones are working together to find landmines

Italy: Officer held for spying says he had no sensitive info

Nexter UGVs tested by French army in defensive and offensive actions

Royal Navy looking at fixed-wing carrier based drone for AEW

The Other Aircraft Carrier Named HMS Queen Elizabeth Was a ‘Might Have Been’ of Naval History

UK considering carrier based drones for aerial refuelling

Embraer concludes in-flight refuelling qualification between two KC-390 Millennium transports

Chinese troops converging in border town facing Myanmar, report says

Chinese Border Villages in Disputed Territory Put India on Alert

China Has a New Way to Find and Kill U.S. Navy Submarines

April Fools: There Is No Type-100 Super Submarine

A Comment On The Fake Type-100 'Sun Tzu' Class submarine

China preparing for resumption of North Korea trade, report says

When a US Navy EP-3 collided with a Chinese J-8 interceptor: the Hainan incident and the last flight of Lt. Cdr. Wang Wei

A Chinese Attack on Taiwan Is Getting Closer

Japan Is About To Waste Its F-35s Shadowing Chinese Planes

Japan to introduce 3 new transport vessels by 2024

Philippines expresses ‘deep concern’ over 250 Chinese maritime militia vessels

Myanmar junta orders internet blackout as more pro-democracy protesters are detained

Lue Elizondo: What The Government Knows About UFOs

We need to talk about UFOs again; Yes, this is being published on April 1. No, this is not a joke column.

City, state to curb confusion over alien events in Roswell

The Threat to the Water Supply Is Real—and Only Getting Worse

Michigan CEO Led Double Life as Drug Lord With Plans for a Cocaine Submarine, Feds Say

Former Air Force analyst leaks documents on drone program

Park Police Helicopter Makes Dramatic Landing Outside US Capitol After Car Rams Barrier (Updated)

F-20 versus Lavi: The Tigershark, the Young Lion and the Viper

The Cheyenne Attack Helicopter Had A Crazy Rotating Gunner's Seat Right Out Of Star Wars

Navy Downgrades Mishap To USMC F-35B Damaged By Its Own Round. It’s “Just” Class C Now.

Bird Strike Damages Super Hornet’s Intake And Engine Resulting In Class A Mishap (+2.5M USD And/Or Total Loss)

U.S., Australian ships meet for Pacific exercises near California

How Effective Are Freedom of Navigation Operations? A US Navy Officer's Perspective

U-2 Flight Along The Border Yesterday Wasn't A Surveillance Mission

Army Powering Through with Future Vertical Lift Programs

Can Army Triple PrSM Missile’s Range ?

Army Fast-Tracks New Laser Weapons For Combat Vehicles

Trigger Finger Mittens on Marine Corps Cold Weather 'Snivel Gear' Wish List

Pipistrel taps Honeywell to provide navigation and sensor tech for unmanned cargo aircraft

Air Force general says of Army’s long range precision fires goal: ‘It’s stupid’

U.S. Air Force Prepares To Test eVTOLs In Agile Deployment Exercise

Active Landing Gear That Launch An Airplane Like A Bird Caught The Air Force’s Attention

US Air Force upgrading avionics on largest aircraft in its fleet

An F-35 pilot breaks down each fighter generation

Navy asks Raytheon to upgrade AN/AQS-20 mine-hunting system with high-resolution synthetic aperture sonar

Report to Congress on Coast Guard Cutter Procurement

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