Af/Pak & Other News (3/30/2021)

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Mar 30, 2021, 12:44:10 PM3/30/21
The Taliban Think They Have Already Won, Peace Deal or Not

Ex-IDF intel head: Iran-China megadeal includes ‘worrying’ military info-sharing

Iranian-backed militias accused of targeting Kurds in Iraq

Saudi Air Defense Stops Most Houthi Strikes

Kurds say more than 50 IS members netted in Syria's Al-Hol camp

ATAC one of the potential buyers for 5 Lebanese Hunters

Gaza-West Bank: Running From Election

With ship now freed, a probe into Suez Canal blockage begins

Islamic State claims capture of coastal city in Mozambique

UN finds French strike in Mali in January killed 19 civilians; France refutes report

Ukraine says Russian military buildup threatens its security

Russian Submarine Surfaced Beside Huge Hole Blown Open In The Ice Seen In Satellite Imagery

Russian Navy to convert large anti-submarine warship into frigate by 2025

Saab trials 3D-printed battle damage repair for Gripen

Lilium Unveils SPAC Deal, Seven-Seat eVTOL

Tempest FCAS Mock-Up Shown For The First Time With Italian Low-Visibility Roundels

Thales and Mitsubishi will develop new sonar technology

U.K. Firm Secures Funding for Multi-Orbit Satcom

Type 83 Destroyer concept phase to begin ‘in next few years’

Royal Navy’s NavyX Welcomes “Madfox” Autonomous Ship

The Chinese military will outmatch the US in the Pacific by 2025

Beijing Is Getting Better at Disinformation on Global Social Media

China formalises sweeping electoral shake-up for Hong Kong, demands loyalty

Chinese Fighter Pilot Says Taiwan 'All Ours' After Being Asked to Leave Airspace

Data withheld from WHO team probing COVID-19 origins in China: Tedros

Following report, WHO chief calls for deeper probe into lab-leak theory on Covid-19 origins

Chinese Warplanes Buzz Around Taiwan in Pincer Movement

Taiwan Tried To Sneak A High-Tech Radar Onto Its Main Island Outpost

Taiwan to lift grounding of F-5 fleet next week

New satellite images show North Korea may be preparing to launch ballistic missile submarine

Analysis: Inter-Korean missile race may leave North Korea with tactical nuclear weapons

JGSDF forms new EW unit to defend Japan's southern remote islands

Tokyo urged to increasingly focus on high-power microwave- and laser-based weapons

NSA Opens Door to Domestic Internet Spying, Privacy Advocates Say

AP sources: SolarWinds hack got emails of top DHS officials

Information Warfare: Children Of The Sun

Strange tweet from US Strategic Command goes viral before it is deleted

Russian Tu-142s Enter Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone

Virgin Galactic’s VSS Imagine is its shiny, next-gen spaceship

SpaceX lost its fourth Starship prototype in a row

U.S. Army robotic armored combat vehicle prototypes move forward to anticipated demonstrations next year

US Army shares the science behind its new FAST helmet

Sikorsky and DARPA fly Black Hawk helicopter with a tablet from take-off to obstacle avoidance in a first-of-its-kind mission

Army Pursues New 1,000km Precision Strike Missile

US Army to begin receiving SMETs for final testing

Boeing, Hypersonix Join Forces On Space Launch Scramjet Study

U.S. Coast Guard Seeks Builders For Big New Cutters

Report on Navy Large Unmanned Surface and Undersea Vehicles

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