Af/Pak & Other News (3/6/2021)

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Mar 6, 2021, 8:25:19 PM3/6/21
Biden Has a Plan to Not Break Afghanistan

Afghan president says ready to discuss elections to advance talks with Taliban

U.S. envoy seeking support to shake up Afghan peace process, warring parties object

War Is Over Between India and Pakistan—for Now

India fighter deal, Swedish Prime Minister pitches for Gripen

Analysis: Iranian state textbooks incite terrorism

Pope, top Iraq Shiite cleric hold historic, symbolic meeting

Qatar’s Purchase of BP-12A SRBMs: A Guppy Sprouts Teeth

Fighting In Yemen's Marib Kills 90 In 24 Hours: Govt Military Sources

Missile strikes on Syria oil refineries kill 4: monitor

White House open to changing war powers authority following rocket attack in Syria

Israeli defense minister: Plans to attack Iran nuclear sites updated

Former Israeli F-16 pilots offering online instructional courses

France shifts policy on aid to Africa to counter rising Chinese influence

Gazelles delivered to Mozambican Air Force

Kenya Air Force receives AW-139 helicopters

Shabaab mounts prison break in northern Somalia

20 dead, dozens wounded after explosion in Somali capital

Armata T-14: More Than the Next Generation of Main Battle Tank

For Russia, With Love: The Truth Behind Putin’s Opposition

The Mice Who Caught the Cat—and Rattled the Kremlin

Trench Warfare Revisited: Armenia’s Indigenous Remote-Controlled Armament

German Air Force Stages “Weird” Elephant Walk With 18 Eurofighters (With No Pilots, Wheel Chocks and Engines Off).

A hip-fired electromagnetic anti-drone rifle

Report: Greenland can help Five Eyes counter China rare earths control

China has built the world's largest navy. Now what's Beijing going to do with it?

China’s Plan to Win in a Post-Pandemic World

China Is Losing Influence—and That Makes It Dangerous

China’s ‘purification’ of classrooms: A new law erases history, silences teachers and rewrites books

China Intimidates The Islamic State

Chinese Hacking Spree Hit an ‘Astronomical’ Number of Victims

China’s and Russia’s Spying Sprees Will Take Years to Unpack

Taiwan's T-5 advanced jet trainer is ready to begin operational testing

Myanmar forces make night raids after breaking up protests

Myanmar Cracked Down Brutally on Protests. It May Get Worse.

South Korean man arrested after claiming to be 'North Korean spy'

New Details of Austal’s EPF Hospital Ship Emerge

'Sophisticated' hack of IT servers targets airlines' passenger data

America built the world's most sophisticated cyberweapons. Now they're being used against the country, a new book argues.

Lawmakers demand changes after National Guard troops at Capitol sickened from tainted food

Non-Military MB-326M Jet Trainer Aircraft Crashes Near Edwards Air Force Base In California

Microsoft: We've found three more pieces of malware used by the SolarWinds attackers

A new type of supply-chain attack with serious consequences is flourishing

Is an Asian NATO the Answer to Countering China?

NORTHCOM Developing, Testing AI Tools To Implement JADC2

This Is The Pentagon's $27 Billion Master Plan To Deter China In The Pacific

DARPA kicks off feasibility study of military jetpacks

The U.S. Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle Can Do Everything

Soldiers 'Clamoring' for RQ-7 Shadow Drone Replacement, General Says

Shadow replacements shine at U.S. Army’s rainy drone ‘rodeo’

The Marines Are Loading This Mean-Looking Boat With Kamikaze Drones

The Air Force Says Its First Hypersonic Missile Will Make Its Inaugural Flight Within 30 Days

Why 5th Generation ‘Minus’ fighters are the future

Boeing Builds ATS Loyal Wingman For AFRL’s Skyborg Program

AFRL to expand ‘Golden Horde’ networked weapons with ‘Colosseum’ simulation software

SR-72 Darkstar: A Mach 6 Bomber Coming Soon?

Yes, The U.S. Navy Also Took The Spitfire Into Battle During World War II

Powerful lawmaker calls F-35 jet fighter a ‘rathole,’ suggests Pentagon should cut its losses

Navy Mysteriously Cancels Plan To Arm Jets With “Screaming Arrow” Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile

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