Af/Pak & Other News (2/14/2013)

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Feb 14, 2013, 2:05:53 PM2/14/13
Afghan air force desperate for aircraft: commander:

Pakistan bombs targeting anti-Taliban tribe 'kill six':

Suicide attack at Hangu check-post kills seven: police:

Key militant commander killed in Khyber tribal region:

Afghanistan Halfway Through The Transition Phase:

MOD Reveals 450 UAVs 'Lost' On Ops:

Australian Minister Details Afghan Withdrawal Plans:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

A New “Afar” Medal: What Does It Mean?:

India's defence ambitions hinge on 'over-extended' firm:

India, France Agree On $6 Billion Missile Deal:

Iran ordered banned materials to expand nuclear program fivefold,
report says:

Report: Senior Iranian Official in Lebanon Killed:

Assassinated Iranian official had dual identity, Lebanese sources say:

Rebels shoot down two warplanes in northwest Syria: NGO:

Al Nusrah Front, foreign jihadists overrun another Syrian military

Syrian troops bombard rebel positions around capital:

Syrian rebels capturing oil field in north:

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate seizes control of another town:

Israeli lawyer sheds some light on Australian spy mystery:

RADA Announces Successful Testing of its Advanced C-RAM Radar:

Tunisians Head Abroad to Perform Jihad:

Iran denies shipping arms to Islamist militants in Somalia:

‘Now What?’: As France Leaves Mali, the West’s New War Strategy Shows

First Belgian A109 Medevac Mission in Mali:

French Harfangs deployed to Mali alongside dozens of other aircraft:

Military’s Next Africa Chief Indicates 3 Terror Groups Are on His Hit

Spanish cops cuff 11 for €1m-a-year ransomware scam:

Hitler's last surviving food tester talks:

Malaysians Encircle Militia Intruders From Philippines:

Scorpene’s Sting: Malaysia’s Bribery & Murder Scandal:

Former Maldives president flees to Indian embassy to avoid arrest:

China Internet users blast official stance on N. Korea:

Japan defense chief: could have pre-emptive strike ability in future:

North Korea nuke test may offer intelligence windfall:

South Korea unveils missile it says can hit North's leaders:

North Korean nuclear weapon test hints at ballistic missile warhead
and is likely to spur ABM development in region:

North Korean Nuclear Threat Drives Army Wargame; Service Shifts To
Rebuild WMD Skills:

Analysis: Pyongyang nuke test may also be Iranian:

100th Self-Immolation Reported Inside Tibet:

What Did DoD Know, and When Did It Know It?:

US Navy UAV programmes near major milestones:

USAF refuses to reopen F-22 accident investigation despite damning
Inspector General’s report:

Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR):

Georgia Man Admits Taking Bribes to Allow $1 Million Theft of
Government Equipment from Marine Base:

Raytheon and General Atomics team-up to integrate MALD onto Reaper:

U.S. Navy uses eyes in space to take out a ballistic missile threat

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