Af/Pak & Other News (3/2/2021)

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Mar 2, 2021, 1:26:23 PM3/2/21
Targeted assassinations on the rise in Afghanistan

President Biden’s Decision Points

Former Adviser Points To Major Flaws Of U.S.-Taliban Deal One Year On

Sen. Duckworth calls on Biden to release intel on alleged Russian bounties in Afghanistan

Iran responds to attack on Israeli ship: We monitor Israel's behavior in region

Former Iranian Hostage Says Obama Payments to Iran Led to His Arrest

Everything New We Just Learned About The 2020 Iranian Missile Attack On U.S. Forces In Iraq

The Real Reason Why Iraq Paused Its Major Oil Deal With China

Prominent Islamic State leaders killed in Iraq

Lobbying agency claims its former head concealed arms trade and terror funding from Qatar to Hezbollah

War turning Yemen into broken state, beyond repair: UN

U.S. failure to sanction prince for Khashoggi killing 'dangerous': U.N. expert

Analysis: Biden retreats from vow to make pariah of Saudis

Reporters Without Borders Files Complaint Alleging Saudi Officials Committed Crimes Against Humanity

Turkey Widens War Tech Hunt by Tapping Pakistan’s China Ties

Roketsan Sungur air defense system succeeds in live fire test on the move

Turkey’s Baykar begins designing AI-powered combat drone

Groups ask France to probe 2013 Syria chemical attacks

SDF militia forcibly conscripting teachers in Syria: Report

Israel: Unnatural Acts

Libya's interim PM elected through bribery, UN inquiry says

Another Bayraktar TB2 drone shot down in Libya

Gunmen release nearly 300 schoolchildren kidnapped in Nigeria

Nigeria's school abductions: Why children are being targeted

ISWAP Jihadists Attack UN Base in Nigeria, Trapping 25 Aid Workers

Pentagon Announces $125 Million Defense Aid Package For Ukraine

OSCE identifies Russian 51U6 Kasta 2E1 radar in Ukraine

What? 64% of Russians Believe Coronavirus a Bioweapon

Armor: What You Can Afford

US concludes Russia poisoned Navalny, imposes sanctions

How ‘Putin’s Chef’ Prigozhin Is Now Targeting Europe

After guilty verdict, Sarkozy faces more trials and tribulations

English battalions set to bear brunt of cuts because Government won't touch Scottish troops

Expert uncovers new Chinese nuclear missle sites

Chinese military micro drone unveiled at Abu Dhabi weapons show

Is China working on a Space Force Equivalent?

China Harassing, Intimidating Journalists With Surveillance Built to Curb COVID-19

Anti-coup protesters clash with security forces in Myanmar

New satellite images reveal North Korea took recent steps to conceal nuclear weapons site

South Korea confirms first KF-X prototype to be rolled out in April

Two US men extradited to Japan for helping Carlos Ghosn escape

Australia's Potentially Game-Changing Loyal Wingman Drone Has Flown For The First Time

Singapore’s navy tests a new layer of surveillance: unmanned vessels

'Scuba Steve' in deep, loses submarine after plea to drug-smuggling across Detroit River

Why super soldiers may soon be a nightmare turned reality

AI Commission Recommends Billions in New Spending

U.S. is ‘not prepared to defend or compete in the A.I. era,’ says expert group chaired by Eric Schmidt

Americans are at risk of being dragged into global cyber warfare, FireEye's CEO warns: 'It's as simple as if you can be hacked, you are hacked'

Pentagon Launches China Task Force, Analyzes South China Sea

NSA Urges Defense Sector to Adopt Zero-Trust Model After SolarWinds Hack

NORAD is using artificial intelligence to see the threats it used to miss

Two U.S. F-35Bs Have Landed Aboard Italian Navy Aircraft Carrier ITS Cavour To Begin Sea Trials

F-35Bs with special instruments are testing whether the advanced jet can operate on the Italian navy flagship

Blue Origin’s massive New Glenn rocket is delayed for years. What went wrong?

SpaceX once left its rocket engineers on an island without food, leading them to mutiny, according to a new book

Mysterious New Warp Drive Patent Surfaces Online

Hypersonic boost-glide ARRW missile scheduled to fly this week

US Army’s newest tracked vehicle will undergo initial operational test in early 2022

The Air Force Is Having To Reverse Engineer Parts Of Its Own Stealth Bomber

B-21 Inlet Problem Was Resolved Before Design Freeze, RCO Says

Air Force Might Make Separate "Pacific" and "European" 6th Gen Stealth Jets

The Navy Plans To Launch Swarms Of Aerial Drones From Unmanned Submarines And Ships

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