Af/Pak & Other News (1/29/2021)

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Jan 29, 2021, 12:29:59 PM1/29/21
Taliban creep closer to capturing former heartland as lack of pay undermines Afghan forces

Pentagon won't commit to Afghanistan troop withdrawal by May, says Taliban are not honoring commitments to US

Taliban PsyOps: Afghan Militants Weaponize Commercial Drones

Ancient Treasure and a Modern Budget Battle in Afghanistan

EXPLAINER: What’s next if Pakistan frees man in Pearl murder

India has sent more troops to disputed China border, President Ram Nath Kovind says

Bomb explodes near Israeli Embassy in India, PM Narendra Modi

Boeing Can Now Offer The F-15EX To India, But Does Buying It Really Make Sense?

How The Iran Hostage Rescue Was Supposed To Go Down If It Hadn't Ended Early In Disaster

Islamic State senior leader in Iraq killed in U.S.-led coalition airstrike

Why Turkey is Shooting Ballistic Missiles at Northern Iraq

Biden Administration Suspends Arms Sales To UAE and Saudi Arabia Including F-35 Fighter Jets

French-led coalition touts military successes ahead of Sahel summit

Military Junta in Mali “Dissolved” Five Months After Coup

The Jihad in West Africa

Is Russia’s defense industry too busy to take on another fighter jet project?

Why Russia May Have Stepped Up Its Hacking Game

‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy

In Russia’s messaging battle, the opposition lights up social media. Putin’s allies plod along on state TV.

U.S. Navy Sends Third Ship Into Black Sea, Largest Presence In Three Years

Greece Will Need To Upgrade Its Navy To Keep Up With Turkey’s

Germany buying Israeli Trophy active protection system for Leopard 2 tanks

France begins backfilling its Rafale fleet after selling some to Greece

Rolls-Royce Delivers System To Support Laser Tech

Huge cocaine shipment destined for streets of Britain is seized off the coast of Barbados

Brazil to buy two Airbus A330 military transport aircraft

3rd Type-075 Assault Carrier For Chinese Navy

China launches second advanced naval frigate for Pakistan

Chinese submariners patrolling South China Sea suffer 'serious' psych problems, study finds

Chinese H-6 Bombers Heard On Radio Confirming Orders For Simulated Attack On U.S. Aircraft Carrier Near Taiwan

Desperate To Avoid a Bloody Beach-Assault, Chinese Troops Could Try Sneaking Into Taiwan

U.S. Congressional Commission Hears China May Force Taiwan Crisis in 2021

Singapore Navy Inaugurates Maritime Security & Response Flotilla

Algorithmic Warfare: Demand Outpacing Supply for Supercomputers

Top Navy Intel Officer Hopes China Will Keep Dumping Money Into Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles

Calculations Show Humans Can't Contain Superintelligent Machines

11 Fort Bliss soldiers injured after ingesting ‘unknown substance’ during training

First Contractor-Owned F-16 Aggressors Include MiG Killers, Veteran Of Iraqi Reactor Raid

World's biggest drone will send satellites into space on a rocket

Dickinson’s guidance to space troops: Prepare for ’competitive and dangerous’ environment

Military Eyes AI, Cloud Computing in Space in a Decade

US Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite constellation now operational

Armored Reality Check

SPIKE SR Performs Live Firing in the USA

F-15 WSOs, F-16 pilots and AWACS battle manager gave their feedback on military utility of direct energy weapons

First U.S. Air Force KC-46A Pegasus Tanker Aircraft Completes C-Check Milestone

U.S. Navy Procures Infrared Countermeasure Kits for C/KC-130J Planes

US Navy launches Future Vertical Lift effort

Too Useful To Replace

Navy SM-3IIA ICBM-Killing Missile Bridges Gap to Next-Gen Interceptor

Navy Taking Hard Look at Sustainment Costs, As New Projection Doubles Expected Long-Term Bill

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