Af/Pak & Other News (12/10/2020)

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Dec 10, 2020, 1:08:26 PM12/10/20
Mystery as Afghanistan rocked by wave of targeted magnetic bomb assassinations

Afghan gov’t, Taliban agree Islamic law to guide peace talks

Iran, Afghanistan open first rail link with eye on trade

Iran Can’t Get Its Story Straight On Assassination of Top Nuclear Scientist

Iran Goes AGI

Russia and Iraq Deepen Energy, Military Ties

Turkey to abandon more military positions in Syria's Idlib to 'eliminate risks'

IS Kills Nine Iran-Trained Fighters in Syria: Monitor

Syrians in Golan Heights wounded and arrested in clashes with Israeli forces

Rise in Israeli strikes in Syria has led to decrease of Iranian activity

Israeli space chief says aliens may well exist, but they haven’t met humans

Israel: Where Does The ‘Galactic Federation’ Fall On The Kardashev Scale?

Netline unveils its new DroneNet RD Jammer

Libya’s east-based forces release Turkish vessel

Nigeria’s MiG-21 Fighter Jet Force Is Up For Sale

Russia: The Wars Come Closer To Home

Microsoft HoloLens helping Russian engineers build Su-57 fighter jet

'Putin's People': Exploring the Russian president's inner circle

Russian Navy to Join Drills With NATO States for First Time in Decade

Azerbaijan Holds Military Parade To Mark Declared Victory In Nagorno-Karabakh War

The Syrian mercenaries used as 'cannon fodder' in Nagorno-Karabakh

Sci-fi surveillance: Europe's secretive push into biometric technology

Hackers break into Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine data in Europe

Switzerland Will Soon Select A New Fighter To Replace Its F-18s. The F-35 Would Be A Peculiar Choice.

Dutch intelligence says it’s uncovered 2 Russian spies

Italy has requested the purchase of four Type U212 NFS submarines

France Conducts First Firing of Renovated ASMPA Nuclear Air-Launched Cruise Missile

Airbus in conversation with potential A400M buyers, as low-level tests advance

New Images Of The Tempest Sixth-Generation Aircraft Revealed During UK Industry Engagement Event

China says two Canadians held for two years on 'spying' accusations have been indicted and tried

The Pratas Islands: A New Flashpoint in the South China Sea

Philippine Air Force inducts first six S-70i Black Hawk helicopters

South Korea to criminalize sending leaflets into North Korea, bowing to regime

South Korea: Could an ‘Artificial Skin’ lead to Invisible Soldiers?

Panel Details Global Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

Expect SOCOM to be at the spearhead of AI testing in DOD

Pentagon plans to cut most of its support to CIA's counterterrorism missions

U.S. flew two bombers from Louisiana over the Persian Gulf to deter Iran, says military

USFK apologizes for 'poor judgement' after troops attended dance party

Baltimore Police Lied About Almost Every Aspect of Its Spy Plane Program

US Senators Fail to Block Trump Sale of F-35 Jets, Drones to UAE

Top US military leaders getting their COVID-19 vaccines publicly

Watch Elon Musk's Starship Rocket Go Out With A Boom Wile E. Coyote Style

One Of The Navy's First Female Submarine Officers May Be Headed To The Moon

DARPA's Hypersonic Interceptor Could Be a Game Changer

General Atomics’ New Compact, High-Powered Lasers

US Army launches design phase for Bradley replacement

Marine Corps F-35Cs Make First Arrested Landings At An Expeditionary Airfield

The US Marine Corps wants grunts packing deadly swarming drones

The Steward Of America’s Nukes Is Sending Mixed Messages About B-1 Bombers—And That’s Dangerous

The B-1B just launched a cruise missile externally. Hypersonic missiles could be next.

Lawmakers just saved dozens of A-10 Warthogs from the boneyard

U.S. Preps New Allied F-35 Pilots for War as Global Demand for Stealth Jet Grows

Navy creates program for specialists to operate MQ-25 Stingray drone

Boeing’s MQ-25 Carrier-Based Tanker Drone Test Asset Completes First Test Flight with Aerial Refueling Store

US Navy’s next generation jammer – low band enters engineering phase

White House Shipbuilding Plan Would Shrink Ford Carrier Class Over Navy Objections

‘Awesome’ New Submarine-Launched Drone Guides Torpedo Attacks From Unprecedented Range

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