Af/Pak & Other News (5/7/2013)

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May 7, 2013, 12:24:25 PM5/7/13
Second Afghan-Pakistan border clash in a week:

New jihadi magazine appeals for help against drones:

Hope Seen for Afghanistan After Coalition Exits:

Documents Reveal Zero Dark Thirty Had CIA Script Rewrite:

Taliban claim bombing at political rally, name new emir of Kurram:

GCV And Beyond: How The Army Is Gettin’ Heavy After Afghanistan:

Indian Defense Briefs:

Iraq: Drive All Sunni Arabs Out And Kill Those That Resist:

Turkey's Otokar Unveils New Tracked Vehicle:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Syria gives 'green light' to attack Israel: Palestinian group:

Details emerge of Israeli air strikes on Syria:

Libya minister rescinds resignation amid political crisis:

Africom gets crisis response force:

Uganda: More fighter jets arrive:

US Army seeking private contractors for African commando

France commits to new helicopter-borne anti-ship missile:

Why Super Tucano Is Super:

Espionage fuels China's fast-paced military growth: Pentagon:

Seoul’s FX-III hits snag:

U.S. Directly Blames China’s Military for Cyberattacks:

PLAN amphibious development:

N. Korea missiles moved away from launch sites: US officials:

Taiwan’s Military Intelligence Bureau may have collected info on
China’s UAV fleet:

Chinese Revelations:

Pentagon Lifts Veil on 7 New Obscure Chinese Weapons:

KAI wins W1.1tn contract for FA-50 fighters:

US Carrier Launch Pushed Back 4 Months:

IN FOCUS: RAF Typhoons put through paces at Red Flag:

Air Force Chief of Sexual-Assault Prevention Arrested on Sexual
Battery Charges:

The First Aerostat Carrier:

May 7, 2013, 4:04:41 PM5/7/13

Diplomat: US team stopped from going to Benghazi:

"Four members of Army special forces ready to head
to Benghazi, Libya, after the deadly assault on the
American diplomatic mission had ended were told not
to go, according to a former top diplomat.

Gregory Hicks also argued in an interview with
Republicans on the House Oversight and Government
Reform Committee that if the U.S. military had flown
aircraft over the Benghazi facility after it came under
siege it might have prevented the second attack on the
CIA annex that killed two CIA security officers.

Excerpts of the interview with the former deputy chief
in Libya were released Monday in advance of Hicks'
testimony on Wednesday before the panel."


David E. Powell

May 7, 2013, 8:49:24 PM5/7/13

Yeah. This is looking worse and worse.

Rush Limbaugh actually had a good analysis of how the government might
have "Frozen" that night. They may not have believed such an attack
was possible, so they wanted to think of it as a demonstration and
that the people saying it was terrorism was wrong. By the time they
realized it was an attack, inertia would set in and no one wanted to
admit a mistake, so they kept that story and regardless of original
motivation no help was sent. By the time people at the top realized
just how bad it was in D.C., or were able to admit it to themselves,
it was too late.

Another damning allegation has come forth from people in the State
Department community, and that is the allegation that the Libyans
wanted the US to help as they had during the civil war, as the US
whacking this attack force would remove it as a threat to the new
Libyan gov't., but the US didn't.

Instead, the US not only didn't send help, the U.S. State Department's
UN Ambassador denounced the Libyan President when the Libyan President
called it a terrorist attack immediately afterwards, by saying the
Libyan President was wrong (thus either misinformed or a liar) and
that it was all about a Youtube video, which has seriously undercut
the new Libyan President at home and combined with the lack of action
towards the attackers has made it tougher for him to stand off the
hard liners.

No one seemed to notice the date either, 9/11/12.

Finally, there has to be something behind all the senior officers in
the theater who were denounced and removed for all kinds of personal
misconduct charges soon after. A lot of careers were destroyed, and
taken together that is a lot of coincidences, if one believes in
coincidences, or trusts coincidences. I'm wondering if there was a
preemptive move to destroy people of high profile who could testify
later. Given what we know so far, that is not outside the realm of
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