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Af/Pak & Other News (7/29/2021)

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Jul 29, 2021, 12:13:41 PM7/29/21
My net access will range from spotty to non-existent for awhile, since I'll be away for the next few days. Hope you all have a great weekend!


The predictable collapse of the Afghan Air Force is happening in real time

Afghan Government Facing 'Existential Crisis'

China interest in Afghanistan could be 'positive', says US Blinken

China Seeks Taliban Promise to Wage War on Uighur Fighters in Afghanistan

Iran’s Precision-Strike Drones, Guided Missiles Likely To Face US Sanctions – Wall Street Journal

How AI Is Revealing the Secrets of Iran’s Nascent Centrifuge Factory

Iranian-backed militias in Iraq divided over US decision to ‘withdraw’ troops

Five Iraqi pilots killed in helicopter crash during combat mission

Qatar’s Massive Increase In Military Power Comes With Political, Logistical Headaches

Turkey builds wall to stop Afghan influx

Monitor: Syria's Daraa Gripped by Worst Clashes in Three Years

Syrian Rebels Retaliate Against Regime Assault On Daraa-al-Balad

Israel, US complete 'Juniper Falcon' military drill

Libya: The Empires Strike Back

U.S. halts major arms sale to Nigeria amid human rights concerns

Grim aftermath of Ethiopian battle offers rare clues about brutal war

Fed up with the U.S., Ukraine cuts deals with China and shuts up about the Uyghurs

Ukrainian official reveals number of Ada-class corvettes on order from Turkey

Crimea ‘water war’ opens new front in Russia-Ukraine conflict

As Russia Talks Nuclear Weapons with U.S., It Forges Closer Military Ties with China

Russian MoD Orders Ten S-500 Missile Systems

Russia Conducting Large-Scale Exercises Involving Military Robots

Russia's New Yasen-Class Submarine Is Here and It Looks Fierce

Iran Navy’s Presence in Russian Parade

U.S.-led anti-submarine warfare Exercise Shark Hunt 21 kicks off in the Northern Atlantic with NATO allies and partners

Elta and Hensoldt team up for German ballistic missile defense radar

United Kingdom starts Challenger 2 tank Heavy Armour Automotive Improvement Program

China's New Nuclear Missile Silos Confirm U.S. Defense Officials' Fears

Why Is China Massively Expanding Its Nuclear Weapons Arsenal?

More than 10,000 China, Russia soldiers to attend joint drill in Ningxia

Type 055: A destroyer or a cruiser?

Biden Keeps Up Monthly U.S. Navy Warship Patrols in Taiwan Strait Amid China Protests

Taiwan concludes contract for MS-110 reconnaissance pods

Little appetite in Japan to search for E.T. following U.S. UFO report

F-35B landed at Kadena Air Base with gun pod issue

Canada: The Truth Is Out There. But This Company Holding UFO Info Won’t Share It

"Jetpack Man" Spotted Again By Pilots On Approach To LAX Nearly A Year After First Sighting

Alaskan coast 8.2 magnitude earthquake was the strongest one in decades, official says

DOD Reimposes Mask Mandate Inside Pentagon, Other Bases Near ‘Substantial’ COVID Transmission

Can The President Order Troops To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Joe Biden Thinks a Cyber Attack Could Lead to a “Shooting War”. Is He Right?

NAVWAR opens 'secret-level' security information pipeline

The First XQ-58A Valkyrie Is Already Headed To A Museum

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: July 28

A new hypersonic missile is being developed by Tucson-based Raytheon unit

Army leaders consider cubesats and artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time targeting from low-Earth orbit

Lawmakers want answers on US Army plans to protect vehicles from drones

US Army begins fielding new UH-60 Victor Black Hawks

Pentagon Told by Panel to Probe, Fix F-35 Pilot Breathing Issues

Navy's New Jamming Pods For EA-18G Growler Eyed For Air Force Fighters

Let The Robots Take Care Of It

Sea power panel backs block buy of amphibious ships

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