Af/Pak & Other News (10/1/2021)

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Oct 1, 2021, 3:35:53 PM10/1/21
The Forever War is Over. Its 2001 Authorization Lives On.

Our Next War in Afghanistan Is Already Looming. And It May Be Even Harder.

Adapting Intelligence to the New Afghanistan

Inside the CIA’s desperate effort to rescue its Afghan allies

CIA chief tried to coach an isolated Ghani through U.S. withdrawal

Those Left Behind in Afghanistan

Afghan evacuee flights to restart soon

Generals Were Blindsided by the Afghan Army's Big Quit, But Enlisted Troops Saw it Coming

Qatar and Pakistan’s Battle for Afghan Influence Has Only Just Begun

Pakistan Improvised

Why India’s arms deals with Russia are about to become a headache for Biden

India Builds Strategic Tunnel Project in Kashmir

Indian Su-30 Flankers To Dogfight Japanese Fighters Later This Year

UN Nuclear Watchdog Says Iran Denying Monitoring Access At 'Indispensable' Site

Iran Seeks to Fill a Middle East Power Vacuum

Fire in Iran occurred at secret IRGC missile base - Israeli report

Satellite images show alleged Iranian missile factory seriously damaged in blast

Explainer: What's Behind Fresh Tensions On The Iran-Azerbaijan Border?

Surviving a deadly attack on a merchant ship in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war

Before Kabul, a Yemeni city was taken over by Al Qaeda. This is its story

Top al Qaeda leader Salim Abu-Ahmad killed in US strike in Syria: Reports

IDF drone crashes in Lebanon; Hezbollah claims to shoot it down

The US Navy Just Made Its First Ever Port Call In Lebanon. Why Now?

Why Israel is stepping up its planning, and its rhetoric, for a strike on Iran

UN extends mission to Libya, but only until January

Morocco and Israel to sign kamikaze drone deal

Mali receives Russian helicopters and weapons, lauds Moscow 'partnership'

Nigerian military says air strike hit Islamic State, playing down alleged civilian deaths

Final six A-29 Super Tucano delivered to Nigeria

Guinea swears in coup leader as interim president

US Navy Orders Up to Eight Patrol Boats for Ukraine

Russia shows off new version of its heavy combat vehicle

Rostec Tests ‘Smart’ Transport Parachute

Russia Makes Covering Military Corruption News Grounds for ‘Foreign Agent’ Status

Russia declares editor who delved into Navalny poisoning a wanted man, he says

Belarus detains 100 people after KGB shootings: Rights group

Belarusian territorial ambitions reflected in military exercise’s imaginary maps

Snaps From Ashgabat: Turkmenistan’s 2021 Military Parade

In first, Turkmenistan shows off Bayraktar TB2 drone

Georgia says its ex-president arrested after returning home

Telerob receives multi-million dollar UGV order from Latvian Ministry of Defense

Azerbaijan army intends to procure additional Russian military materiel

The Conqueror of Karabakh: The Bayraktar TB2

First Qatar air force PC-24 emerges at Pilatus site

Sweden starts process to buy Saab’s GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft

Sweden developing counter-jamming capability for Gripen to nullify ‘cheapest A2AD weapon of all time'

'Trophy' system faces new competitor: Leonardo introduces active protection system for tanks, APCs

Super Rare Royal Saudi Air Force Boeing RE-3A Spy Plane Makes Stopover At RAF Waddington

Royal Navy Is Experimenting With Launching Jet-Powered Drones From Its New Carriers

Second British aircraft carrier declared operational

Drug Cartels Carry Out Drone Bombings, Evade Jammers

China Reveals Universal Ship-borne Vertical Missile Launch System

NORINCO showcases Chinese army new rifles and machine guns at Zhuhai airshow

CASC unveils CH-817 micro-surveillance and attack VTOL UAV

Could China Develop A Hypersonic Electromagnetic Pulse Missile?

25 Chinese fighter jets seen in Taiwan’s airspace on China’s ‘National Day’

3 Chinese Navy Ships of Interest in Sanya (Not The Carrier)

North Korea: New, Improved Kim Jong Slim

N Korea says it fired anti-aircraft missile, 4th recent test

Japan Unprepared for China ‘Military Unification’: Ex-Navy Chief

U.S. Clears Australia To Buy One EA-18G Growler To Replace Aircraft Damaged Beyond Repair At Nellis in 2018

Don’t Count Your Submarines Before They’re Built

Lawmakers Back Changes at C.I.A. for Handling Mystery Health Episodes

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Averting Shutdown

The Story Behind The Modified Falcon Business Jets That Bring America's Fallen Heroes Home

Hundreds of Afghans are walking off US military bases; military can’t stop them

Milley Testimony Highlights Why The President Is A Weak Link In U.S. Nuclear Plans

DoD trying to keep China from accessing critical U.S. space technology

Stratolaunch wraps critical design review, aims for hypersonic flight test in 2022

HawkEye 360 wins radiofrequency mapping contract with intelligence agency

Can U.S. Build A Better Iron Dome To Stop Cruise Missiles?

Lockheed Martin’s Precision Strike Missile Enters Next Phase with Army

Army Researchers Tap Super Shrimp Tech, Envision Super Jumpers

First CH-53K rolls out of Sikorsky’s Connecticut plant

Air Force Chief Anticipates ‘Something Special’ for B-21 Public Debut

US AFRL plans Rapid Dragon palletised munitions experiments with additional weapons

Report on Navy Large Unmanned Surface and Undersea Vehicles

The First Littoral Combat Ship Has Been Decommissioned After Just 13 Years Of Service

The Navy’s Constellation-Class Frigate: Built To Sink Anything?

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