Af/Pak & Other News (2/9/2021)

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Feb 9, 2021, 12:52:52 PM2/9/21
In Afghanistan, Biden inherits America’s longest war and Trump’s peace deal

US goes one year without a combat death in Afghanistan as Taliban warn against reneging on peace deal

Islamic State Poised for Possible Resurgence in Afghanistan, US Officials Warn

Iran’s dissident surveillance operation exposed

Iranian Cleric: COVID Vaccine Causes Homosexuality

Iran: Military member was involved in murder of nuke scientist blamed on Israel

Iran Denies Knowledge Of Oil Tanker U.S. Wants To Seize

UN Report Says Iran And North Korea Resumed Missile Cooperation

Iran Is Close To Getting An Atomic Bomb—But It Could Still Choose To Stop

Iran Shows Off 340 Boats Including New 'Bladerunner'

Drones are biggest tactical concern since the rise of IEDs in Iraq, CENTCOM boss says

Heavy fighting in central Yemen leaves at least 29 dead

Turkey Signals U.S. It’s Ready to Compromise on S-400s

US forces not protecting Syrian oil fields: Pentagon

Syria: Welcome To The Mad Max Zone

US-Backed Forces Stepping Up Campaign Against IS in Eastern Syria

Rafael offers new Armour Shield KE reactive armour tailored to APFSDS threat

Rafael details challenges of defeating APFSDS long rod penetrators with APS

Suspected car thief breaks into Israel’s most important air base, home to F-35s

Israeli Cabinet OKs $9B US Arms Deal; Boeing KC-46As Top List

Israel Trains Foreign Fighter Pilots

Senegal Uncovers Jihadist Cell in East of Country

Russia, China, and Iran to hold joint naval drills in Indian Ocean soon

Russia Announces Hypersonic and Precision Long-Range Weapons Purchase

Ground Tests of Superconducting Electric Aircraft Engine Begin in Russia

Top EU Diplomat Warns Russia Heading Down 'Authoritarian Route'

Kalashnikov Maker Targets Hipsters With 'Gadget Gun'

Servers Seized In Ukraine, Moldova As Germany Takes Down 'World's Largest' Illegal Darknet Marketplace

British military’s space campaign picks up steam with ‘Skynet’ upgrade

Cuba tipped off Colombia about looming left-wing ELN rebel attack

Jamaica Defence Force orders six Bell 505 helicopters

China Uses Coast Guard to Assert Claim Over Japan-controlled Islands

WHO team: Coronavirus unlikely to have leaked from China lab

South China Sea: challenge to Beijing as French nuclear submarine patrols contested waterway

2 US Navy carrier strike groups drill together in the disputed South China Sea, sparking complaints from Beijing

UN report reveals North Korea maintained, developed nuclear weapons throughout 2020

Cyberattacks helping North Korea fund nuclear weapons and missiles, UN panel says

PN's second and final José Rizal-class frigate arrives in Philippines

Japan’s first KC-46A tanker makes flight debut

Japan lawmakers want 'Taiwan Relations Act' of their own; Legislation to counter China's new coast guard law also floated

Protests Against Military Coup Sweep Myanmar’s Yangon

In Myanmar coup, grievance and ambition drove military chief’s power grab

Canadian military researchers eye new materials that could lead to camouflage and self-repairing clothing

CIA expert probing ‘code-filled’ diary of first man at Roswell site could unlock 74yo UFO mystery

Trump's impeachment trial for inciting revolt starts in Senate

USAF's Red Flag 21-1 exercise involves space, cyberspace elements

Florida city attacked by a hacker trying to poison its drinking water

Soviet spy gadgets to go under hammer in Beverly Hills

Army Creates Quantum Sensor That Detects Entire Radio-Frequency Spectrum

Oshkosh Defense Completes Production of 10,000th Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)

USMC Tested a Naval Strike Missile from a JLTV-based mobile launch platform

DARPA Is Developing Aircraft-Launched Missile-Like Drones That Fire Their Own Air-To-Air Missiles

Boeing's Chief F-15 Test Pilot Talks Flying The Air Force's New Eagle On Its Maiden Flight

Too Hot To Handle? Why The U.S. Navy Wants An Air-Cooled Laser Weapon

Will Sea-Launched Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missiles Prevent Tactical Nuclear Attack?

US Navy looks to start shock trial for carrier Ford in ‘June timeframe'

Navy to Field Early ‘Project Overmatch’ Battle Network on Theodore Roosevelt CSG in 2023

Navy’s New Unmanned Plan To Build In Critical New Data-Sharing Effort

The Navy's New High-Speed Boat Crawls Onto Land

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