Af/Pak & Other News (5/22/2013)

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May 22, 2013, 12:42:07 PM5/22/13
Taliban assaults kill 14 Afghan police in 24 hours:

Afghanistan's Karzai gives India military equipment 'wish list':

A Group Taking Politics and Military Strategy to the Same Extremes:

Afghan interpreters to get right to live in UK:

‘Minimal’ drone effects on Pakistan militant recruits: ICG:

Debate Aside, Number of Drone Strikes Drops Sharply:

BrahMos supersonic cruise missile test-fired:

Iraq Reopens Russian Arms Deal Probe:

Book excerpt: Chemical attack in Iraq:

Iranian soldiers fighting for Assad in Syria, says State Department

Iran and Hezbollah Support for Syria Complicates Peace-Talk Strategy:

Border violence prevents Syrian refugees from reaching Jordan:

Israel warns Syria of 'consequences' if Golan fire continues:

Aeronautics strengthening Israel-Azerbaijan links:

Egyptian security men kidnapped in Sinai freed:

Tunisia teeters as it grapples with jihadists:

Libya receives 30 French patrol boats, expects 25 more from South

FBI ID's Benghazi suspects, but no arrests yet:

Nigerian Navy gets maritime surveillance equipment to monitor Gulf of

Kenya to get UAVs to monitor small arms trafficking as insecurity

Russian Premier Calls for Better Weapons:

S-80: A Sub, for Spain, to Sail Out on the Main:

RAF Voyager launches tanker operations with Tornado:

Carrier Strike Capability:

Stockholm riots challenge image of happy, generous state:

The Sad Death Of Euro Hawk:

Soldiers re-occupy Mexico’s Hot Land:

China’s Cyber Attacks Threaten Social Order: Analyst:

USS Freedom Cuts Short Initial Singapore Underway:

To Harden Networks, Cybersecurity Must Be 'Baked In' From Start:

Congress Smashes Pentagon’s New Den of Spies:

US Marine Corps studying Harrier enhancements:

House FY14 Mark:

The Nightmare Continues:

Coast Guard To Navy: Arctic’s Covered; White House OKs Arctic

Some U.S. utilities say they're under constant cyber attack:

Northrop Grumman Will Help U.S. Navy Mature Laser Weapon Systems,
Components For Surface Self-Defense Missions:

F/A-18F CFT & Weapons Pod mockup in St Louis:

With New Mini-Satellites, Special Ops Takes Its Manhunts Into Space:

Kraken Completes Successful Sonar Trials with US Navy's Naval Undersea
Warfare Center:

FBI Kills Ex-MMA Fighter Tied to Boston Bomb Suspect:


May 22, 2013, 1:19:40 PM5/22/13
On Wed, 22 May 2013 09:42:07 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

>Afghanistan's Karzai gives India military equipment 'wish list':

Interesting that he's asking India and not China...

The Pakistani military will go completely 'hatstand' over this, but
it's hard to think of what else they can do to destabilise

Dean Markley

May 22, 2013, 3:50:30 PM5/22/13
Give Karzai enough time and I'm sure he'll be begging from China too.

Andrew Swallow

May 22, 2013, 4:03:26 PM5/22/13
Karazi can ask both India and China for equipment. in a few months time
there will no longer be a US military base near his presidential palace.

Andrew Swallow


May 22, 2013, 4:10:48 PM5/22/13
Actually, this makes sense. Pakistan is in shaky repore with
Afghanistan right now. The more in charge the Afgans get in their own
country the less they will tolerate from Pakistan who harbors and
nurtures Afghanistans enemies.

From my own experiences with Pakistanians, I notice the outright hatred
is really one way for Indians. It's not just Kashmir that is the
problem. I think the Paks believe they should rule India since they
really did at one time before the British. And example of this is it's
hard to tell a Pakistanian from an Indian since they may wear the same
head garb and have pretty well the same features. When you approach and
ask where they are from, make sure you say, "Are you from Pakistan or
India". Never the other way around. An Indian may smile and correct
you that he's from India. But a Pakastini may get real offended and you
just made an enemy for life.

In this case, an enemy of my enemy is my friend might be the case. And
it gives Pakistan more to think about before they cause trouble.


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